Menu During the French Revolution

By:Lora Perrou


  • Rice soup
  • Scheiber
  • Croutons with lettuce
  • Croutons unis pour Madame

Main Entrees

  • Rump of beef with cabbage
  • Loin of veal on the spit


  • Spanish pates
  • Grilled mutton cutlets
  • Rabbits on the skewer
  • Fowl wings a la marechale
  • Turkey giblets in consommé
  • Larded breats of mutton with chicory
  • Fried turkey a la ravigote
  • Sweetbreads en papillot
  • Calves' heads sauce pointue
  • Chickens a la tartare
  • Spitted sucking pig
  • Caux fowl with consommé
  • Rouen duckling with orange
  • Fowl fillets en casserole with rice
  • Cold chicken
  • Chicken blanquette with cucumber