Mythical Heroes

English Task by Kiara White 8E

5 Mythical Heroes And Thier Cultures

Hulk - America

Ned Kelly - Australia

Yokio - Vietnam

Sun fire - Japan

Knight - England

Mythical hero 1

Mythical hero 1 is the Hulk from America.

The Hulk's characteristsics are that if he is upset, angry, injured or in danger he transforms from a human being into a powerful , nearly 9 feet tall, super powerful muscley man-beast.

The Hulk is considered a hero because he saves people with his strength and fights villians.

The Hulk's origin is unknown.

Personality traits of the hulk are that he is a bit of a "soft girl" when he is a human but also angry when he is the hulk. As the Hulk, he is very agressive and he causes destruction to his surroundings and beats anything in his path. After some time, The Hulk respected people and had the thought of help them instead of hurting them.

The Hulk's physical appearance is a 9 foot tall, very muscly angry man with black hair who wears purple ripped shorts.

Mythical hero 2

Mythical Hero 2 is Ned Kelly from Australia.

Ned Kelly's characteristics are unknown.

Ned Kelly is only considered a hero by criminals and the poor because he was rebelling against authorities.

Ned Kelly's origin is that he was born in june 1855 Beveridge , Victoria, Australia, into a Irish family which were migrants at the time.

Ned Kelly's personality trait are that he was a strong type, who showed courage and daring one minute, and compassion and kindness the next.

Ned Kelly's physical appearance is 5ft 10 tall, medium build male with a long dark brown beard and that wore a bucket head piece, backplate, breastplate and shoulderplate armour constructed from parts of ploughs, pieces of leather, and iron bolts.

Mythical hero 3

Mythical hero 3 in Yukio from Vietnam.

Yukio's characteristics are Yukio is a skilled in hand to hand combat and has considerable expertise in multiple Japanese martial arts, and an expert with hurling bladed weapons. Yukio is known to utilise many forms of weaponry such as throwing knives and scalpel-like shuriken.

Yukio is considered a hero because she is part of Professor X's secret network of humans and mutants known as the Mutant Underground.

Yukio origin is that in her youth she trained vigorously in multiple martial arts, under many martial arts masters. She ventured out, considering herself a ronin, a samurai without a master. A free spirit, with a mischievous sense of adventure.

Yukio's personality traits are unknown.

Yukio's physical appearance is a 5ft 9 tall lady with short dark brown hair who wears a grey and navy blue outfit with blades in her hands.

Mythical hero 4

Mythical hero 4 is Sunfire from Japan.

Sunfire's characteristics are that he can converts solar radiation into plasma.

Sunfire is considered a hero because he was Japan's premier superhero, a mutant who converts solar radiation into plasma. After getting possessed by Apocalypse, he was stripped of his glory, and now is serving as a member of the Avengers.

Sunfire's origin is that he grew up with a huge resentment against the United States. His mother was exposed to the radiation of the atomic bomb at Hiroshima and she died during his birth. His dad, a member of the Japanese Clan Yashida, became a diplomat to the United Nations and Shiro was pretty much raised by his uncle.

Sunfire's personality traits are unknown.

Sunfire's physical appearence is a muscly, average height man that wears a red and white outfit that's even covers his face with fire coming from both his hands.

Mythical hero 5

Mythical hero 5 is Knight (Batman of England) from England.

The Knight's charcteristics are that he is a very skilled detective, investigating crime scenes. He's also very trained at hand to hand combat, defeating super-powered enemies.Knight's armor is magical, capable of repelling light or small bullets, as well as bladed weapons.

The Knight is considered a hero as he is a British vigilante and member of the international crime-fighting group, "Batman, Incorporated".After his father's death he adopted the mantle of Knight and took in Beryl Hutchinson as his Squire. Now after Cyril's death Beryl has become the new Knight.

Knight's origin is when he was only 20 years of age when his mother was killed in the bombing raid in London and his father was captured during the Dunkirk Evacuation.He was also on a team of younger superheroes known as the Young Allies. They fought in Europe until their differences pulled them apart which gained enough skill to advance in his rank to become The Knight.

The Knight's personality traits are unknown.

The Knight's physical appearance is a tall, muscly man who has a black outfit with a cape at the back with a steel chest plate, shoulder and shin guards and an eye protector.