What to Visit Along the Nile River

So Next Time you Visit, Go to These Places!

Welcome to the Nile!

Hello there! Welcome! The Nile River is the longest river in the world! The Nile is located in Africa, and flows through FIVE different countries. Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan, Burundi, and Egypt. It stretches to about 6,695 kilometers, or 4,160 miles. It's mouth is located in Egypt, where is empties out into the Mediterranean Sea. Although associated with Egypt, only 22% of the Nile River is located in there. If you Look below, you will see some exciting places to visit on your trip down the Nile!

The Aswan Dam

This is the Aswan Dam. The Aswan Dam was built in between the 1960's and 1970's. It is located in Cairo, Egypt, and the geographical feature located or near this Dam is near, what else, the Nile! Construction of the High Dam was important in order to control floods, provide water for irrigation, and generate hydroelectricity. This structure uses Turbines, and does not pollute water. Amazing right? Although, with construction, comes death of wildlife. It has killed the supply of fish, because it decreased the amount of nutrients


Uganda, THE COUNTRY. Where it ALL begins. The southern part of the country includes a substantial portion of Lake Victoria, where the Nile eminates from. Nobody really knows where the Nile came from. Some think it came from an undercave river. Others think it was a present from god. I'm not to religous, so I'l go for the first one. Uganda is a peaceful country. Visit here, and you'll find The Nile rushing through it, Lake Victoria at it's best, and so much attractions! Don't forget to visit on your trip!


Ethiopia. One of the less, attractiony places, but still a sight for sore eyes. With over 91,000,000 inhabitants, Ethiopia is the most populous landlocked country in the world and the second-most populated nation on the African continent. It it located at the Horn of Africa. Its capital and largest city is Addis Ababa. Ethiopia has a lot of Habitat, and wildlife. This is the reason why it's a great place to stop by and take a visit in.

Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, Egypt. One of the many other countries that let this river flow through. Cairo is the capital of Egypt, and the holder of the mouth of the Nile. Cairo is a great way to end your fun and relaxing trip down the Nile! It's close to to the ancient cities of Memphis, Giza and Fustat which are near the Great Sphinx, and the pyramids of Giza. Cairo also has beautiful habitats right outside of it, due to the Nile River. It's the biggest city in Egypt, and really calm for such a big place. The Aswan Dam is also located right outside of Cairo, and at the Mouth of the Nile!