Wilma Rudolph

By: Mckenzie Thomas

Wilma's Childhood

Wilma was born June, 23, 1940 and died November,12 1994. Wilma Rudolph was diagnosed with polio when she was four years old. The doctor said she would never be able to walk again, yet by age twelve, Wilma was walking! When Wilma was about fourteen, she was able to run. When Wilma ran she realy ran, Wilma was faster than anyone. Wilma was so fast and good, she got to run with the collage students.

Wilma's Charecter Traits

Persevere type of person.

Wilma persevered her whole life, especially when she was stricken with polio. Wilma was diagnosed with polio when she was only four. The doctor said, ''Wilma will never be able to walk again. She's lucky if she is still living when she is eight.'' Yet, by age twelve Wilma was walking.


Wilma was both strong physically, and mentally. She fought through the polio for eight years. But, sadly she only lived until she was fifty four years old Wilma Glodean Rudolph died of brain cancer. :(

Fun Fact

Wilma Rudolph had two husband's and four kids. Two of them were daughter's and the other two were son's. Her husband's names were, Robert Eldridge, and William Ward. All of Wilma's children were Robert's kids. The children names were, Yoldanna Eldridge, Djuanna Eldridge, Xurry Eldridge, and Robert Eldridge Jr.

Wilma Rudolph's quotes

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