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North Elementary School- September 10, 2015


MORNING DUTY: All Group "C" Staff*



YEE HAWS!!!!! = 2

*Morning duty should consist of 2 out front from 7:15-7:30 am; 2 in the gym from 7:30-7:45; and 2 in the cafeteria from 7:30-7:45. It is up to the group "A" teachers to determine duty. I'd recommend rotating it. Expectations for duty can be found on page 45 of the "Blue Book."

Calendar of Events

Thursday, September 10

  • Elementary Principals' Meeting- Barb at BOE from 8:00-11:00 am
  • Council for Drug Free Youth assembly for grades 4-5 at 9:30 am in the cafeteria
  • Jen Roling out at 2:30 for SPED meeting

Friday, September 11

  • Cissy out am for Counselor's Meeting
  • IEP Review (3Brewer) in the office at 9:45 am
  • Blue Ribbon Writing Papers due to Fariba by 3:00 pm please
  • JCPS Staff and Family BBQ on the Nichols Career Center Lawn from 4:30-6:30 pm

Monday, September 14

  • PTO Fun(d) Run Packets Due
  • RED (3-Brewer) in the office at 3:15 pm
  • Goodies with Grandparents from 5:00-6:00 pm

Tuesday, September 15

  • RED (3-Starke) in the office at 3:15 pm

Wednesday, September 16

  • Culture and Climate Committee Meeting in room 110 at 3:15 pm

Thursday, September 17

  • Staff Appreciation Breakfast at the Miller Center at 7:30 am (Michelle attending)
  • Mid-quarter grades sent home (Ok to send home on Friday, September 18)
  • Staff Conference (1L and 2M; Cissy and Barb) in room 110 at 3:15 pm

Friday, September 18

  • IEP (4-Stoner) in the office at 9:00 am
  • IEP (3-Brewer) in the office at 9:45 am


Thank you to Holly Schaefer who completed our notecards for Mr. Linthacum so he can learn our names! It is on the way to the board office today!

Happy September Birthday to:

1- Janna Phillips

6- Julie Stoehr

24- Becky Loethen

30- Bryan Lawson

School Pictures

School Picture flyers will be given to you on Thursday, September 10 and should be sent home on Friday, September 11. At the same time, a brown envelope will be placed in your mailbox with a class list taped to the front. Each day if a student turns in picture money, the order should be placed in the brown envelope and the brown envelope should be sent to the office. Carey or Lyndsey will remove the order, highlight the student name on the front, and return the empty brown envelope to your mailbox. These orders will be kept for the student in the office until picture day.

Picture day is on Tuesday, September 29 and so all orders will be due by that date.

DO NOT THROW AWAY THE BROWN ENVELOPE. This is how we keep track of who has paid for pictures when the pictures come in. On September 29, we will ask for ALL envelopes to be returned to the office regardless of whether or not you have additional orders.

Idea for your newsletters this week

The PTO fun(d) run is quickly approaching and donations/contributions are due by Monday, September 14. PTO does great things to support our students and staff. Last week, Amy Brewer included the following in her newsletter and she has given permission for me to share it with you:

North School PTO provides the opportunities for families and friends to join together with students at various times throughout the year. They support everyone from students to faculty and staff. Please support them by donating to the Fun(d) Run. It is their biggest fundraiser of the year. $25 of donations gets your child a free shirt. Donations are due no later than September 14, 2015.

Please consider including this or something similar in your newsletters this week. Thanks!

Coming Up: Goodies with Grandparents

PTO's Goodies with Grandparents will be held on Monday, September 14, from 5:00-6:00 pm. This is just an Open House and students can come and show grandparents their classrooms. Be sure to have some sort of SMART Board activity going, something the kids have done...a game, etc. Perhaps have an activity that grandparents and kids can do together. You might take this time to have kids write "special memories" to share with them as well.

We will have been in school almost four weeks, so it is a good time for kids to clean desks and tidy up the rooms!

Teamwork Tuesday

Teamwork Tuesday begins on Tuesday, September 15. We will meet in my office on your planning times.

For this meeting, please:

  1. Print out your professional growth plan for this meeting. You can do this by logging onto TalentEd Perform and selecting "2014/2015" in the drop down menu labeled "school year." After selecting last school year, click on "view" your professional growth plan. There should be an option to print your professional growth plan on this page. Part of our discussion as a team is going to be managing our Professional Growth Plans!
  2. In addition, please be sure you have read the following pages in the SRI Professional Learning Guide:

  • Grades K-1- Read pages 8-14 and pages 47-48
  • Grades 2-5- Read pages 15-25 and pages 49-52

Highlight key components so we can develop a scaffold of understanding as a team.

Reading Buddies

You might want to think about having a Reading Buddy activity before our Fun(d) Run which is scheduled for Thursday, October 8. Kindergarten should be paired with a third grade class; first grade should be paired with a fourth grade class, and second grade should be paired with a fifth grade class. The exception is that one third grade class should be paired with one fifth grade class. (Please let me know reading buddy class pairings at Teamwork Tuesday this coming week.) If you have any questions regarding this, please let me know!

Mid-Quarter Grades

It is hard to believe, but mid-quarter is Thursday, September 17. It is very important that a progress report be sent home with every child who has earned below a "C" (75%) in any subject or about whom you have a work habits or behavior concern. If you are not sending a progress report home with all students, be sure you ahve stated that in your Sept. 18 newsletter. Be sure all grade reports you do send home, come back signed so you know they have been seen. Infinite Campus can figure your grades...but they'll need to be written out on the "old-fashioned" paper format. There is no Mid-quarter grade form to print out from Infinite Campus at this time.

Character Books

Please be sure to pass the character books every day. Several have mentioned they won't get books for days and then they get 3-4. If you don't have time to read a book on a particular day, just pass it on and skip it for that day!


  • Be sure to keep your websites up-to-date!
  • I would like copies of all classroom newsletters. These can be sent to me electronically or a paper copy in my mailbox.
  • SRI and/or FRA tests should be given by September 11. Please turn in a Foundational Reading Report (FRA) and/or Growth Report (SRI). This growth report should only show the first test given.
  • Don't forget to record initial SRI and/or FRA scores on the green card in the cumulative files!

"Get your learn on!" --Kid President

10 Expectations

Respect means to treat others in a way that is kind and polite.

Be Safe~Be Respectful~Be Responsible