FCPS Board Meeting Summary

June 6, 2022

About the Meeting

The regular meeting of the School Board was held at 6:30 p.m. (closed session) and 7:30 p.m. (open session) on Monday, June 6, 2022 in the School Board Room at the Walker-Grant Center, 210 Ferdinand Street, Fredericksburg, VA.


Character Education Spotlight

Lafayette Elementary School presented a video on the Character Education Spotlight, which was Respect.

All District Choirs

The following students were recognized for their participation on the All District Elementary and All District Elementary Honors Choir:

Adrian Girffith-Mealy

Hazel Jonas

Aiden Lawshe

Marli Morgan

Paityn Morin

Anna Scheaffer

All District Choir

Adam Ludabache

VSBA Art Contest Entries

Phoeboe Martin-Cole, James Monroe High School, and Abigail Winterer, Lafayette Elementary School were recognized for having their art work chosen to represent FCPS at the VSBA 2022 Southside Regional Conference.
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Perfect SOL Scores

Principals of each school presented students who scored a 600 on their SOL tests.

James Monroe High School

Charles Pillsbury

Jacob Wigglesworth

Walker-Grant Middle School

Genisis Ortega Cuevas

Mekhia Phillips

Kantida Tantayanurak

Mikayla Vezina

Lafayatte Elementary School

Lydia Colon

Adrian Griffith-Mealy

Adam Ludabache

Scott Palko

Hugh Mercer Elementary School

Liam Clark

Kevin Dominguez Reyes

James Monroe Ambassadors

Program Description Student Ambassadors are a passionate group of upperclassmen students dedicated to the positive promotion of James Monroe High School. They work on a volunteer basis to serve as liaisons between the current James Monroe community and prospective students. Student Ambassadors are visible at many campus events that are geared towards prospective students and families. 2 This program is a revamp of the former Jackets United Mentor Program, or JUMP.

Mackenzie Hard is the Advisor for the JMHS Student Ambassadors. A total of 40 Ambassadors have been chosen and they will be recognized at several School Board meetings. The following students were recognized at the June 6th meeting:

Katie Hooks

Sophia Lopez

La’Niyah Ogburn

Lailuma Rasuli

Hailey Ryder

Samantha Sowers

Rhein's Tchibozo

Walter Williams

Lawrence Wilson

Lei Yang

Excellence in Teaching

Mrs. Fidler recognized the following recipients of Excellence in Teaching and Division Teachers of the Year awards who were not able to attend the May 9th School Board meeting:

Wendy Hughes, Lafayette Elementary School

Heather Reviello, Walker-Grant Middle School

McTeacher of the Year Award

Mrs. Gillenwater presented the McTeacher of the Year Award. The McTeacher Award is presented by the McDonald's Hart2Hart Charity. It was presented to Ryan Smith.

Marguerite Young NAACP Award

Mrs. Young and Mr. Richardson presented the Marguerite Young NAACP Award to the following recipients:

Robyn Thompson-Wilson, Walker-Grant Middle School

Marco Padillo, Walker-Grant Middle School

Alice Cobey, James Monroe High School

Hearing of Citizens

Ms. Hardy addressed the Board with the following concerns:

  • Discontinuation of the IB Early Years Program
  • Teachers resigning from the school division
  • The handling of disciplinary issues

Consent Agenda

The School Board approved the following items under the Consent Agenda.


The minutes of the following School Board meeting were approved.

School Board Meeting - May 9, 2022 - http://go.boarddocs.com/vsba/frcps/Board.nsf/goto?open&id=CD6S39707DF3

Special School Board Meeting - May 11, 2022


Head Start Approvals


2022-2023 PreK Prgm KG.xlsx (boarddocs.com)

Administration of Federal Programs

Title I, Part A - Improving Basic Programs

P.L. 95-568 - Pre-school Economically Deprived (Head Start)

P.L. 94-142 - The Education of All Handicapped Children Act

P.L. 93-112 - The Rehabilitation Act

Title II, Part A - Supporting Effective Instruction

Title III, Part A - Language Instruction for Limited English Proficient and Immigrant Students

Title IV, Part A- Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grants

Proposed Policy Revisions

Proposed Policies Second Read - 6.6.22.pdf (boarddocs.com)

Change October meeting date to October 10, 2022

2022-2023 PreK Prgm.xlsx (boarddocs.com)

Action Items

Personnel Items

Change in Non Administrative Certified Staff and Head Start Teacher Raises from 6.5% to 10%

The School Board voted to change the raise for non administrative certified staff and head start teachers from 6.5% to 10%

Informational Items

First Choice Update/Middle School Update

The School Board received an update from First Choice regarding the new middle school.


Student Achievement

Homework Regulation

Monthly Financial Report

The financial statements as of April 30th were reviewed. In the operating fund, FCPS had received 79% of its budgeted operating revenues and spent 76% of budgeted operating expenditures. This compared to 83% of FCPS operating revenues received and 80% of its operating expenditures spent as of this time last year.

In the grants fund, FCPS had received 61% of its budgeted revenues and spent 66% of its budgeted expenditures. This compared to 70% of its operating revenues and 73% of our operating expenditures as of this time last year.

Information about FCPS ESSER spending was also shared. FCPS had spent approximately $3.82M year to date. As of April, FCPS was on track with its budgeted ESSER spending.

Additional information pertaining to FCPS ESSER I, II and III grant balances to date was also provided.


Facilities Update

The following information was shared with the Board.

1. Chiller Replacements at Lafayette Elementary and Walker Grant Middle School:

--The Walker Grant project began May 31st

--The chiller has been taken offline and was removed from campus. The new chiller is expected to be installed during the week of July 4th. School will be without cooling for approximately four weeks. However, air handlers are operational and circulating air. Dehumidifiers have been placed in the library.

--The Lafayette project also began May 31st

--The tandem chillers have been taken offline and removed from campus. Installation of the temporary chiller is anticipated during the week of July 4th. The temporary chiller will provide cooling until the permanent chillers are fully installed. School will be without cooling until the temporary chiller is installed. However, air handlers are operational and circulating air. Dehumidifiers have been placed in the library.

2. Bioretention Project at Lafayette Elementary School:

The school division has contracted with a vendor to undertake this project, a majority of which is anticipated to be completed before students arrive for the upcoming school year.

3. James Monroe High School CTE Project:

The necessary building permit has been submitted for this project, which includes the expansion of the Cosmetology and Nursing classroom/labs. Preliminary work has started. The project is anticipated to be completed later this summer.

4. Water and Electric Energy Savings: Mobilization for LED lighting is scheduled to occur at the beginning of August. Crews will work after regular school hours during evening and nighttime shifts so as not to interrupt instruction. The division-wide project is scheduled for completion by late February.

Mobilization for water conservation projects (including low flow faucets and toilets) is slated to begin about mid-July. Again, work will take place after regular school hours during evening and nighttime shifts to avoid interrupting instruction. This project is anticipated for completion by mid-September.

Chiller replacements at LES and WGMS began last Tuesday. New chiller expected to be installed July 4th. Air

Bioretention is a natural filtration system that must be installed. It is embedded in the hill to ensure that runoff does not go from the surfaces to the storm drains.

Old Business

Ms. Holmes shared information regarding the recent VSBA School Law Conference that was held on June 3, 2022. She stated that based on instances occurring during public information sessions at Board and local government meetings, FCPS should begin looking at procedures to have in place during its meetings.

New Business

The Chair announced the following upcoming VSBA Conferences/Webinars and asked Board members to notify the Clerk if they were interested in attending any.

June 14, 2022 VSBA Webinar - Purchasing Fundamentals 101: What Board Members and School Districts Should Know

June 21, 2022 - VSBA Webinar - How Virginia School Divisions Are Closing the Digital Divide for Students

June 28, 2022 - VSBA Webinar - COVID-19: What it Takes to Develop a Virtual Academy from the Ground Up in Two Months

July 19, 2022 - VSBA Conference on Education Hilton Richmond Hotel & Spa Short Pump or Virtual

Good of the Order

Mrs. Pomeroy welcomed staff back for the summer programs which began on June 6th.

Mr. Rowe acknowledged that June was Pride month.

Next Meeting Dates

School Board meetings are held at the Walker-Grant Center (unless otherwise noted).

  • Regular School Board Meeting: July 11, 2022 - 6:30 Closed Session/7:30 Open Session at the Walker-Grant Center


Fredericksburg City School Board

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