Mrs. Edelmon's Classroom News

September 16, 2013


We are beginning the fourth week of the first six weeks' grading period. The children are doing a great job with rules and procedures at school. They earned their first popcorn party last Friday! They enjoyed popcorn, Fruit Loops, and a Magic School Bus movie!

Homework Folders went home on Friday. I will not be sending the Panther Folder home on Fridays unless Report Cards need to go home. I will keep this folder with me on Fridays to prepare papers to send home on Monday.

If you have not signed up for a Parent Conference on Monday, October 14th, I will be contacting you with times that are available. I also have some time slots after the 14th.

As you know, the children have been to the Library twice. We go on Fridays. Please help your child remember their library books on that day, so they can check out new books.

Reader's Workshop

In Reader's Workshop, the children are reading with stamina for about 8-10 minutes. This week, we will focus on reading the story and/or pictures, telling the story in our minds, and thinking about what was read - noticing, wondering about, and connecting to the story.

Writer's Workshop

We continue to launch Writer's Workshop. In conjunction with our language arts lessons, we focus on writing complete thought sentences with nouns, verbs, capitalization, and punctuation. This week, we focus on writing longer stories and introduce 3 page packets to write stories with a beginning, middle, and end - while adding details to their stories.

Our phonics lesson introduces short /o/ word families: -og, -ot, and -op and sight words: if, not, was, said, and because. The children are doing well with the spelling test and sentence dictation on Friday. Remember spelling information is listed at the bottom of the Language Arts homework page. Please let me know if you have any questions about spelling practice with the Spelling Menu posted in the homework folder.


We have been working with place value, ten frames and making 10, and patterns. This week, I will introduce addition and subtraction. We will model addition and subtraction word problems on math mats, so the children will get a understanding of both operations. They created and presented Bean Graphs last Thursday. We are learning to use math vocabulary such as greater than, less than, more, and fewer when talking about the data from their graph. They will build on this vocabulary in future grade levels. The students really enjoy our fluency warm-ups where they listen to a number called out on a musical CD and then circle that number of items on a ten frame recording sheet. This week, our fluency warm-up focuses on numbers before and after a given number.


We begin a fun unit on What is a Scientist? and What Does a Scientist Do? We will learn about the scientific process, science safety, and perform several simple experiments to practice this process. My goal is to get the children excited about science and exploration!