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October 2013 End of Month Newsletter

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October is almost over...

The months continue flying right by and our team and volume is growing everyday!! \OvO/ Keep up the great work!

Lots of exciting changes and announcements have been made recently, so please continue to check your News Feed in the Back Office every day or two to ensure you have the most up-to-date information.

Just a reminder that October month-end is this Thursday, October 31st at 11:59pm EST, which is also Halloween night so might want to ensure you get any of your stuff in earlier just in case you are out partying it up! :)

This is the deadline for:

  • Ensuring all jewelry bars that currently have any posted orders in them are closed out so your hostess can earn rewards on them before launch of new system.
  • Ordering any additional items from the Retired Product Listing (find complete list under Resources > Product Information > One Last Goodbye)
  • Maintaining/earning a rank promotion - ensure to look at the Career Plan and the Volume numbers in your back office under the Commission tab to ensure you have met your goals. Rank Promotions will be announced around the 10th of the month and Monthly Team Override Bonuses will be paid out on the 10th. If any questions, please reach out to your mentor/upline.
  • Early Bird rate of $175 for National Convention

Welcome New Designers + Congrats to the New Mentors!

A BIG Welcome to all the new team members!

New Designers: I know there is a lot of information, but remember that your mentor and upline is there for you to help guide you on your way and get you off to a great start. Please ensure to also review the back office resources section and news feed for a lot of great information and don't feel like you are bugging your mentor when asking your questions. :)

Mentors: Please ensure to reach out to your new team members to offer guidance, support, explanation of some of the processes and encourage them to choose a launch jewelry bar date. If for some reason you are going to be unavailable to get back with them within a 24-hour window, please ensure they know who the next person in their upline is, so they have someone to be in contact with.

If for some reason your mentor hasn't reached out to you yet, please contact me at jodiocken@gmail.com.

Thank you!

{New System Launching November 1st}

The New System is launching on November 1st.

Therefore, if you have any open jewelry bars right now in the system that have any orders that are marked posted/shipped then you will need to CLOSE them out by October 31st midnight EST in order for them to earn hostesses rewards.

If you have jewelry bars that currently do not have any orders and you don't plan on having them closed by 10/31 then I would manually take any orders via email or on order forms and enter them in starting November 1st when the new system is in place.

Training videos to be coming shortly.

Please reach out to your mentor/upline with questions.

{Hostess Rewards Program}

The Hostess Rewards/Exclusive Flyer is available in the back office (under Resources > Hostess Materials) and is valid until December 2013.

A qualifying party consists of 4 orders & $125+ party sales.

Depending on the level that they reach the hostess earns:

  • Free Product - multiply the party sales (before tax & shipping) by the % earned
  • 50% off items - earn 1 half price item for every $250 in party sales (max 4)
  • Discount on Hostess Exclusive - retails for $79, so
    FREE with sales $1,000+
    50% off ($39.50) with sales $500-$999
    25% off ($59.25) with sales $125-$499

In addition, the hostess also will continue to earn 1 additional 50% off item for every jewelry bar booked.

For example:
Hostess has $450 in party sales (4+ orders), she would earn

  • $67.50 in Free Jewelry ($450x.15)
  • One 50% off item ($450/$250 = 1.8 - round down)
  • Can purchase the Hostess Exclusive set at 25% discount = $59.25


If you haven’t already registered, look for an email from notifications@payquicker.com, which will include an exclusive link for your personal registration. Use the link to register ASAP so you’re all set to receive commissions when our new system enhancements launch.

Please note that per the FAQ it does appear that everyone will be required to sign up as all commissions will be deposited into this account. Once they are in that account you can either use the provided O2 debit card or transfer the money to your bank account at no fee.

{New Shipping Grid}

The new Shipping Grid that was posted previously in the back office will also be going into effect on November 1st when the new system launches. You can review it by going to Resources > New Designers Start Here > Shipping

  • Party Orders = $4 shipping per order when 4 or more orders are shipping to the hostess
  • Orders shipping direct to guest or wholesale orders will be charged
    $5.95 for up to $100 for standard shipping (2-7 days)
    $7.95 for over $100 for standard shipping (2-7 days)
  • There are also upgraded shipping options as well, but note that you need to allow 2 business days to allow for packing/shipping.

Top Tip for Booking Jewelry Bars

ASK everyone!

Don't be afraid of the No.

  • At a jewelry bar, play a booking game or ask them when finalizing their orders if they would like to host their own jewelry bar.
  • Get out your HOT 100 list of personal contacts and personally connect with them
  • Contact past customers/hostesses

If calling, here is a quick, simple script to help you along

"Hi Susie, this is Ann, your Origami Owl Designer. Have I caught you at a bad time?

Great! I'm giving you a quick call today because as one of my preferred customers, I wanted to make sure you know about our Hostess Program and how you can earn Free and exclusive jewelry from Origami Owl.

So Susie, how would you feel about hosting a special evening with your friends in November, developing a closer relationship with them, receiving Hostess Exclusive specials and receiving FREE Origami Owl jewelry? You can add to your own Living Locket or start a Living Locket for someone else for free!"

{October Team Incentive}

Enter for your chance to WIN 1 of 5 prizes!

Prize includes your choice of a cute locket inspired tee!

This incentive is open to the whole Dream Designers Team. Entries accepted until November 2nd!

CLICK HERE to find out more!

Feel free to email me at jodiocken@gmail.com with any questions.
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WHOO wants to earn an extra $1,000 by December??

By hosting 1-2 Jewelry Bars per month, it is definitely possible, especially since the average party is about $650 in retail!

{ADDED BONUS} Each designer on this team that hits the Personal Volume (PV) goal listed each month June-November will be entered into a drawing for a {SPECIAL PRIZE} valued at $150+. Drawing to take place in December. No need to email me as I will review the monthly PV and determine the entries.

Remember month end cut-off is the last day of each month at 11:59pm EST. To view your Personal Volume, log into the Back Office and click on Commissions > Volumes.

*For those that have hit June-September goals, please ensure you look for what goal you need to reach for October to still be in the running!

Corporate Sponsored Designer Incentive Trip to CABO

All Inclusive Trip for 2 to Cabo San Lucas - February 2014!

Click here to find out all the details and also see who is currently in the running for the trip.

I've spotted a few team members on there so far:
Shelley Sawyer, Senior Team Leader
Amanda Duran, Designer
April Marzullo, Team Leader
Cathy Miller, Team Leader
Jackie Morrison, Team Leader
Deena Hodge, Leading Designer
Amy Allen, Team Leader

and hope to be going myself. HOOT HOOT!

Remember your Personal Volume carries a lot of weight and there is still plenty of time as you have through end of November to remain/get on there!

They also recently added an additional incentive for those building their teams. Earn 250 points for each team member that joins Oct-Nov.

{Regional Training Events}

Some leaders are hosting their own training sessions and are inviting all Origami Owl Designers to attend, here are some of the current locations:

10/26/13 - Central FL - LINK

11/02/13 - Atlanta, GA - LINK

11/04/13 - Phoenix, AZ - LINK

11/09/13 - Alabama Holiday Celebration - LINK

11/23/13 - Columbus, OH - LINK

Please note that right now is our busy season so more training will be upcoming after the holiday season.

{National Convention 2014} I'm already registered -- WHOO's coming with me?!?

Mark your calendars for next year's National Convention ~ July 24-26, 2014 in Phoenix

Click here for more information and to register at the current Early Bird rate of $175 by end of October.

PSST...the photo to the right is all the FREE goodies we got for attending the last one!

{Team Facebook Page}

If you haven't already, come join us over on our Dream Designers Team Facebook page HERE.

This is a place to share tips, photos, successes, announcements, and training!

If you have any questions and/or issues, let's continue to bring those items up to your mentor and/or upline for resolution. (I'm your Executive Team Leader - jodiocken@gmail.com and your Director is Kristine Stevens - charmedowlsleader@gmail.com)