What Causes Ocean Currents

By: Abner Rincon 2nd Period

3 Things I learned About Ocean Currents

I now know that the surface currents of the ocean are generated by the movement of the wind, and sometimes by large under water forces. Currents can also be generated by the difference in densities in the ocean caused by temperature and different types of salinity in the water. Huge Storms and under water earth quakes also cause large masses of water to move around in the ocean.

2 Questions That I Still Have

Can a large earthquake or storm move the natural currents in a different direction?

If submarines can get stuck in a currents pattern couldn't fish get stuck in the pattern forever too?

1 Way The Ocean Currents Still Affect Our Lives

Everyday these current are happening even if we don't think about it. It will happen naturally until the end of earth. Or a very powerful force will cause the water to be still. And many times we depend on these currents for power and everyday needs like water.