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Preview of last week's learning...

Author Study- By Riley

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Expressions without Parenthesis - By Marissa

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Ordering Fractions- By Stephanie and Jacquelin

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Auction Time- Need Donations

We will be having our 1st official 5th grade auction. This is a great way for our students to spend the "money" they have been earning for their classroom jobs and excellent behavior. We would love any donations to make this the best auction ever. Donations can vary from anything to new/slightly used small toys, finger nail polish, lotions, Pokémon, trinkets, etc. We would greatly appreciate any donations. The auction will be November 21.

Week 13 Learning Targets

Language Arts- This week we will continue to read Woods Runner by Gary Paulsen, as a class. We will be confirming predictions as we read and this will be part of their weekly homework. We will be comparing the setting, the American Revolution, to recent times. As we read, we will be making observations about Samuel, the main character, and learning the difference between observations and insights. We will also be writing a second opinion writing. The students are reading the second section of their book club book. Each book club group has chosen a team name, divided their book and started reading. All books are books by Gary Paulsen, so we can begin looking for patterns in his writing.

Math- Our fifth graders have been learning to order decimal fractions from greatest to least and least to greatest with decimal fractions to the thousandths place. As we continue our instruction this week we will be adding more than three decimals to the thousandths place with regrouping. We’ll finish the week with examining and defining parallelograms, and different types of quadrilaterals. identifying the relationships between.

Science- This week in science our students will continue with our Earth science unit. We will be reviewing erosion, abrasion, and weathering on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday the fifth graders will be creating stream tables to investigate the formation of deltas, canyon walls, source and mouth of a river. Thursday and Friday we will be exploring glaciers impact on our Earth’s surface.

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Generation Ed Week

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PVE Writing Rubric Expectations

Parents, we would like to refresh your memory of the 2014/2015 PVE instructional focus. Across all curricular arenas we are directing our attention to writing. It is our expectation that every student will progress at least one year in their level of writing. As a staff we have created a rubric to hold the students accountable. This rubric is posted below. When your child is writing any assignment at home, please hold them to the fifth grade standard. The rubric is not unfamiliar to the students. A checklist with goals is in their Go Folder (pictured below). Please review your child's checklist and goals with them at home. The rubric itself is in every subject notebook, and it is posted in every classroom. We are continually amazed by the quality of work our children produce and fully expect each child to meet their goal.

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Stride Academy

We do have Stride Academy again this year. It is a great online program for the kids to play and have fun while strengthening their reading and math skills. It works at their level and targets specific areas of need. Please login and enjoy! Please find your child's homeroom teacher information below.

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Hawk Huddle Celebration

Soaring Hawks

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Chesley Pies Mrs. Wallace

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Million Word Challenge 2nd 6 Week Winner

Mrs. Davidson's Homeroom

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Million Words Challenge

We challenge you! This year we will be counting minutes towards our Million Word Challenge. Our goal is for each fifth grader to read for at least 30 minutes a night or 150 minutes a week. At the end of the six weeks your child should have read a total of 900 minutes to meet the goal. All you have to do is make sure your child is logging the minutes they read every night on the back of their planner, where their homework is located, and log their total minutes for the week. Teachers will take the reading log up at the first of each week. October 3 is our first goal check. We can all get 900 minutes by then! Please make sure you are signing their planner to verify they read the minutes logged.

Bring in Boxtops!

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Daily Homework and Responsibilities

Every night your child should be reading 30 minutes from a book, newspaper, blog, etc. of their choice. On the back of their planner, they have one question to answer about their reading. This should be in complete sentences and make sense. We discussed setting a routine, whether it be immediately when they get home or right before bed. Talk with your child about what routine works for your family. A great idea would be to set an alarm everyday to help remind them. 5th grade is a great year to release some responsibility to your child to complete their homework. This reading log will track their progress towards our million words goal.

** Please remember to sign your child's planner daily. This will remain in their green "Go Folder." It should GO with them wherever they go! It is an important means of communication between parents and teacher.** It also verifies their reading minutes.

Friday folders will come home on Fridays. Those will include graded work, notes from the school, and other handouts. This folder is purple. Please sign and return on Monday.

No Spelling/Vocabulary Test this Week

Please Bring Headphones/Earbuds/ Pencil Holder

With all the technology we will be using this year, having some headphones/earbuds would be a great convenience for your child. So if you have an old pair laying around the house that you don't mind losing, please send it with your child. They will be able to keep it in their pencil pouch or locker. Also, if you still have your pencil holder from last year, please bring it in.

Thanksgiving Break/No School

Monday, Nov. 24th, 7:15am to Friday, Nov. 28th, 2:45pm

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