Transportation Update

February 2019

Notes from the Meeting


We would like to thank those parents who were in attendance at our PTA meeting on Thursday, February 21. We were given the opportunity to meet with Ms. Nita Mensia-Joseph, Chief Operating Officer, for Chesterfield County Public Schools.

Ms. Mensia-Joseph shared information regarding the current routing system (paper/pencil) vs. the routing software system that CCPS will put into effect for our attendance zone in the Fall. She explained that the goal was not to disrupt students twice within the year regarding bus route changes if we were to begin optimizing routes before the redistricting goes into effect this summer. As of Monday, Feb. 25, Ms. Mensia-Joseph, followed up with me to ask that I get all parents to update their child's transportation information in Synergy (see link below).

Ms. Mensia-Joseph also held a question & answer session for parents and took detailed notes to be able to follow up with individuals following the meeting. She also explained that she would be developing an FAQ document for parents to access via the CCPS website in the future. The goal is to improve communication efforts in the Area 3 transportation office so that both parents and the school remain informed.

As always, if parents have questions and/or concerns regarding transportation, they should be addressed to:

Tasha Drew, Area 3 Manager (804) 739-6261


Mrs. Jones & Mrs. Davis

Transportation Information

Parents, Please complete this form for ALL children who attend Grange Hall Elementary by Friday, March 1. Thank you, Mrs. Jones

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