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September 2022

Message from the Dean:

This month, I’ve asked Dr. Angela Barlow, Graduate School Dean, to write the opening message. I’d like to thank her for her support of our graduate programs. She shared a message she sent to graduate faculty members. I’d also like to thank all of you for your incredible dedication to our students - graduate and undergraduate.

- Dean Groves-Scott

It’s September and you know what that means: Autumn, football, and fall enrollment numbers!! I have always loved Autumn and football, but this year I am a little more excited about our enrollment numbers. Why? Because this semester we have 1,919 graduate students enrolled at UCA, which is our highest graduate enrollment ever!! Check out the data below.

You may be wondering: What enabled UCA to record its highest graduate enrollment ever? There are lots of happenings that likely influenced this outcome. For example, in October 2020, the Graduate School launched its new application platform (i.e., Slate), which has streamlined the application process and allowed for continuous communication with potential students. In 2021, the Graduate School collaborated with the university’s marketing firm to launch social media campaigns for targeted graduate programs. But more importantly, during this same time period, faculty members like YOU connected with potential students, used graduate recruitment funds to enhance program recruitment, and/or secured external funding that provides tuition support for graduate students. In a nutshell, YOU are the reason that we have record graduate enrollment and for that I say THANK YOU!!

And now you are probably wondering: What’s next? In response to this question, a couple of things come to mind. First, the Graduate School uses its social media platforms to bring awareness of our graduate programs and to celebrate the work of our faculty and students. We are on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We also have a YouTube Channel and a podcast (Grad Chats with Dr. B.). Are you following us? I hope so. We’ve set a goal of 1,919 followers/subscribers across all of our social media platforms. Follow us now so you can help us reach that goal  Second, the Graduate School just released its tagline: Inspired. Empowered. Accomplished. These three words capture a graduate student’s path through their graduate program, as well as how they may feel at any moment in any graduate course. As graduate dean, I want to THANK YOU for the role you play in inspiring and empowering our graduate students while also supporting them with their accomplishments.

To close, I hope that you are enjoying all that autumn and football have to offer. But I also hope that you will pause for a moment and reflect on the phenomenal work you have done to support graduate education at UCA. We have 1,919 reasons to feel inspired, empowered, and accomplished!

- Dean Barlow

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Welcome Back!

On Monday, August 22, the College of Education (COE) was excited to welcome new freshmen. We had 63 new students that have declared Education as their major. Welcome to the COE and Go Bears!

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On Wednesday, August 31, the Department of Elementary, Literacy, and Special Education (ELSE) had an ice cream social to kick off their first faculty meeting for the Fall 2022 semester. Special thanks to Ms. Alicia Brown, Dr. Patty Kohler, Dr. Renee Calhoon and the Mashburn Center for the ice cream, toppings, and cute display.

*See photo below - From left to right (Alicia Brown, Patty Kohler, and Renee Calhoon).

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Dollar General Literacy Foundation:

Mollie Mae Henager (Director of Development for the College of Education) and Dr. Amy Thompson (Assistant Professor in the Department of Elementary, Literacy, and Special Education) were awarded a $3988 grant for Dyslexia Intervention Training for the MSE in Literacy Program from The Dollar General Literacy Foundation. This is the second year the grant has been received.

The Dollar General Literacy Foundation invests in literacy programs that help students learn to read through grant funding to support literacy and education initiatives serving individuals of all ages. The grant will fund training and materials for faculty in 3 ADE-approved Dyslexia intervention programs resulting in access of additional materials and training to candidates in the MSE in Literacy program.

In the Classroom:


Ms. Jamie Dallas presented on the first of three professional development days for our newest teacher candidates in the Department of Elementary, Literacy and Special Education. Ms. Dallas stated, "Our juniors are excited to get started and they will begin going to the field each Tuesday for the entire semester. During these field experiences, our juniors shadow their mentor, teach a morning meeting lesson, teach an English Language Arts writing lesson, and also teach a lesson for their University supervisor to observe."

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Students from Alicia Brown’s ELSE 4325 Intern I course sponsored “A Night Under the Stars” for Conway's Compass Academy. The prom was held at the UCA’s Mirror Room on Saturday, April 23. Compass Academy students enjoyed dancing to DJ, snacks, and a Junior/Senior introduction. For more information about Compass Academy please visit

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As school started back at UCA, Middle Level education students in Ms. Crystal Voegele's class were treated to a book tasting that included some groovy tunes, tasty cookies, and delicious books. Students enjoyed discussing their favorite reads and shared a recipe for reading motivation in middle school.

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Diversity, Belonging, Equity, and Inclusion are at the core of Education. Discussions about culture are not enough, teacher candidates must be immersed and work hands on with students from various backgrounds in order to build authentic relationships. Internship I students in Dr. Candice Maxwell's and Ms. Catherine Miller’s (Department of Elementary, Literacy, and Special Education) classes celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

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UCA Faculty Excellence Award Winners:

The College of Education is proud to announce that two of the 2022 UCA Faculty Excellence Award winners and one finalist are part of our College.

Congratulations to Dr. Candice Maxwell (Department of Elementary, Literacy, and Special Education) for receiving the Diversity, Belonging, and Inclusion and Equity Award. This award recognizes individuals whose commitment to diversity and inclusive excellence on and/or off-campus has made a significant impact on various ethnic groups and diverse populations in a positive way. These individuals have improved conditions at UCA and within the community.

Congratulations to Dr. Donna Wake (Department of Teaching & Learning) for receiving the Teaching Excellence Award. Faculty who have consistently demonstrated exceptional performance in teaching are eligible for the Teaching Excellence Award. Recipients of this award strive to enhance student learning as they continually seek ways to improve their teaching.

Congratulations to Dr. Alicia Cotabish (Department of Teaching & Learning) for being named a finalist for the Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities Award. The Award recognizes individuals whose contributions to their disciplines have been exemplary. Through original work in research, scholarship or creative activities (such as performances and artistic productions), they have expanded human knowledge, interpreted the human experience, or enhanced the quality of our lives.

*Pictured from left to right: Dr. Candice Maxwell, Dr. Donna Wake, and Dr. Alicia Cotabish.

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Student/Alumni News:

Molly Cantwell:

Students in Molly Cantwell's 5th grade science class recently learned about mass and matter. Through a Pancake Lab with Ms. Cantwell, students saw that the mass of mater remains the same even when changes occur - like when batter turns into a yummy pancake!

Molly is a 2022 graduate of UCA's Elementary Education program and works for Quitman Public Schools.

Felicia Trigg:

Students in Felicia Trigg's 3rd grade class recently made lab coats and they loved it! Making lab coats is an activity Ms. Trigg learned while an elementary education student at UCA. She added, "Thank you for sharing this with me, and teaching me how to make confident scientists and mathematicians."

Felicia is a 2022 graduate of UCA's Elementary Education program and works for Cabot Public Schools.

Faculty/Staff News:

Dr. T.K. Anderson:

Dr. T.K. Anderson (Assistant Professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning) recently had an article published. Her article, Resilience Despite “Integration": Black Men Educators' Perceptions About and Responsibility to Equitable Representation in K-12 Education, is in the Journal of Critical Thought and Praxis and can be accessed by going to

Dr. Debbie Dailey

Dr. Debbie Dailey (Department Chair for the Department of Teaching and Learning) was recently selected as the recipient of the Early Leader award by the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC).

According to the NAGC website, the Early Leader award is given to an individual who has exhibited the highest and most consistent degree of leadership in the gifted education field since receiving his or her doctorate (

Dr. Dailey will be honored at this year’s Celebration of Excellence, at the NAGC 69th Annual Convention & Exhibition in Indianapolis, Indiana on Friday, November 18.

Dr. Stefanie Sorbet:

Dr. Stefanie Sorbet (Assistant Professor in the Department of Elementary, Literacy, and Special Education) recently had an article published along with another colleague, Dr. Charles E. Notar, retired Professor Emeritus from Jacksonville State.

Their article, Social and emotional learning: Meeting and addressing educator and student concerns while providing benefits for all involved, can be accessed by going to

Tech Bytes:

YouTube is a great video resource to enhance your classroom. Rather than just copying and pasting the URL, consider some of the following tips and tricks from Eric Curts to further amplify your teaching and learning. You should also remember that it is up to you, the classroom teacher, to determine whether or not YouTube videos follow copyright and fair use guidelines. Just because it's been posted to the platform doesn't automatically mean that it does.

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