Kindergarten Newsletter ACES

Week Of March 26th

Highlights from last week....

What a week in kindergarten! Again, thank you for your participation with the leprechaun traps! Because he is a tricky little guy, we did not catch him, however, he did do a great job trashing our room, leaving candy and leaving some remnants of his visit. The learning that is taking place is AMAZING! We hope you are able to see it at home as well.

In Reader's Workshop, we worked on how readers think while they read. We used our schema as we read our books. We learned how good readers make connections while they read. The children practiced making connections during our read alouds and independent reading.

In Writer's Workshop, we worked on realistic fiction. We practiced using finger spaces, uppercase letters and end marks.

In phonics, we are still working on digraphs.

In Math, we worked on number bonds and number sentences. Our focus was to really "read" the number sentences to determine whether to add or subtract the numbers in the sentence. This was a VERY tricky concept, so we are going to continue to practice this skill this week.

What a great week of learning!

A peek at our learning this week....

There will be a lot of learning happening this week in kindergarten.

In Reader's Workshop, we will be working on how readers think while they read. We will be using our schema as we read our books. The children are working on making text to text and text to self connections while they read. They are practicing using the words "this book reminds me of....."

In phonics, we will focus on digraphs and b and d reversals. We will help the children develop strategies to help them remember which letter is which.

In Math, we will be working on number bonds and number sentences up to 10. We will be focusing on subtracting or "breaking numbers apart" this week. We will focus on number stories and work on acting them out, writing the sentence and creating a number bond to match the sentence. We will also focus on reading number sentences to determine if we should add or subtract the numbers in the sentence.

We are going to finish up reading our books on Eric Carle. The children love making connections with his books.

Change of Clothes

Hopefully warmer weather is in the air! We will be going outside as much as we can during recess. The playground will be wet. Please send in a change of clothes for your child. We will change out the clothes that we currently have for them when we receive the new ones from home. Also, if you send your child in to school with boots, please be sure to send in a pair of sneakers or shoes to change into. Our friends are coming in from recess soaking wet and they have nothing to change into. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

A note from Miss Driscoll

With the full week last week we were able to get LOTS of learning in! We are looking forward to another busy week ahead.

Book orders are due this Monday, March 26th. Please order online or send in orders by the due date. I will place the order after school.

Our Yankee candle fundraiser is due this week, please send in orders by Tuesday, March 27th.

I will be sending home strategies for b and d reversals, as well as our digraph cards. Please continue practicing all at home. It is really showing in the classroom.

A note from Mrs. Maillet

It was so nice to have a full week of school with our friends. We were able to get much learning in. It's amazing to see your kids reading fluently and using the strategies we learned in class. We are also little mathematicians. The majority of the children can decompose and compose numbers up to ten correctly. I love hearing them talk about their ideas and how their brains figured out the answer. Our author study on Eric Carle is FANTASTIC! Not only are we learning about his illustrations and writings, we are practicing his technique in class. They love using the tissue paper and adding texture! We are creating a book of our illustrations and writing which will be sent home after we finish our unit. They are just AWESOME! Thank you for being great!

Our fundraiser is due this week. Please send in the forms with your child. Thank you for your support.

I sent in the book orders this week. Thank you!

A note from Mrs. Potter

I am so impressed with the amazing reading going on in the classroom! There is nothing better than hearing multiple kids saying how much they love books!!! They are so excited pointing out sight words everywhere and noticing digraphs within words! Some of our friends are able to quickly notice the digraphs, but are not able to think of the sound automatically. I will be sending home copies of the digraph cards this week!

As we continue our science unit on plants, we will be doing some planting this week! :) We are working hard to get our classroom to look and feel like spring- whether the weather outside decides to cooperate or not!!

Thank you for all that you do!

A note from Mrs. Marcoux

We have learning about the author Eric Carle. The children really enjoy his books and this is shown in their class discussions, writings and drawings. We will continue to read his books this week. Many of our students are attempting to read his books! Bravo! If anyone would like me to send home books at your child's reading level to practice at home, please just let me know.

The kindergarten classes will continue to learn about plants this week. We will be planting seeds and watching for them to grow. This is a great hands-on learning activity for the children.

As far as supplies go, we could really use crayons and pencils if anyone is interested.

Thanks and enjoy your week! I think the nice weather will finally be here.

Mrs. Marcoux

A note from Mrs. Goldthwaite

It was great seeing everyone at Toy BINGO! It is such a fun time.

Please keep the reading logs going. I would be collecting the March home work calendars. If your child has finished please send in with the parent response finished on the the back side. The ones who participated this month will get to go to the prize box. If you didn't get to it this month I will be sending home another one for April. It really is fun.

I did mention before in an email that at the end of the school year we will be doing a special activity. Each child does need a white standard size pillow case. There is a lot of prep for this. If you are able to get one. It is much appreciated as I will have then ready before the actual activity.You can send it in any time.

Tuesday is when the Yankee Candle fundraiser is due. Thanks.

Book orders should be arriving soon.

Thank you for your continued support.