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Second 6 Weeks Update

Good evening all! We have been busy planning for the next six weeks that starts October 19th. We are excited to see some of our students return face to face. As we enter this next 6 weeks, we will all need to continue to work together to make this a successful transition. I am over the moon to share that we will be able to keep all of our students at Lovett and with Lovett teachers. This includes keeping students with Lovett Fine Arts teachers! On Thursday, October 8th at 6:00, we will host a community meeting where we will share our school plan. The meeting will be held via Microsoft TEAMS and the link will be posted on the website as we get closer to the meeting. Below are some details on things you should know.

Please click the link below to see data on the numbers of students in each grade level returning face to face or remaining virtual

Things to Know

  • · As share above all Lovett students will remain on our campus with Lovett teachers
  • · We will be making adjustments to classes so there will be some change to student's teachers. As we plan, we are really trying to prioritize keeping students as much as possible with their teacher, but it will not be possible at every grade level.

  • · Fine Arts classes will concurrently, meaning the teacher will teach their face to face students and their virtual students at the same time. The only exception to this will likely be PE and Art, where we will likely be able to separate
  • · Instructional Models will not look the same at all grade levels. The models are driven by numbers. We are still considering concurrent instruction in some of our grades; however, we feel we are getting closer to a plan where some teachers would be assigned to teach virtually and some face to face.
  • · Prepare for longer drop off and longer dismissal. We are planning for temperature checks to be completed in the car loop drop off. In the afternoon, we will not be able to gather large groups of kids in areas to prepare for drop off therefore as you pull up, we will radio for the student and they will be coming from their classroom.
  • · For morning drop off, children cannot be dropped off early as we will not be able to have them gather in the MPR or in their grade level hallways as we have done in the past. When they are dropped off, we will take their temperature and they will need to go immediately to classrooms. We will talk more about specific times on Thursday.
  • · School hours remain the same 7:30-3:00
  • · The virtual daily schedules for each grade level will change. The virtual schedule and our regular daily schedule need to align.

Burning Questions

I know you have tons of questions that this communication does not answer. As I plan for Thursday's Community meeting, I would like to hear your questions. I will do my best to send a Q&A and also include details in the meeting. Please use the link below to share your questions.

E.O. Lovett Elementary Fine Arts Magnet 2016 National Blue Ribbon School

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