Game Programmer

The steps to being a...

School Requirements

A game programmer's education should start with a bachelor's degree in computer science with an emphasis in C++ programming language, computer architecture and software design, along with a minor in mathematics or science. Advanced degrees in computer game programming are found at many universities, but practical experience working at a game company is far more desirable. In addition to computer and math skills, take advantage of courses in communications, business, project management and marketing. While not directly necessary for game programming, these skills will become useful as your career advances.


Game programmers can earn as low as $50,000 if you are inexperinced and have a low degree of education, but on average earn $76,000. With years of experince and a Ph. D, on average you will earn $107,000.

Experience Vs. School

Both experience and a really good education will give you a ton of extra money and job opportunities versus someone that lacks either. Having a Ph. D in computer science, on average, will increase your annual income by $30,000. pPus the fact if you have more than 3 to 6 years of experince of being a programmer, you will get a another few ten thousand dollars.

What is a game programmer anyway?

Game programming is the part in the game industry were the code and scrip which makes up a game is made. The code and script make the things in the game move and makes things looks as they should. It is like the mechanics under the hood of a car, you don't see them but it is what makes the car work. Programmers spend months writing script and code to match the ideas of the game designers, the people who have the idea of the game you are making. Game programmers also work with artist and sound technicians to make the sound and visuals of a game come together.

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