November at Woodbrook

Dear Woodbrook Families,

It is already November, and Woodbrook children have impressed all guests who have visited us!

Over the past week, we were visited by both national and international newscasters to record some of our students involved in The production crew shared that although they have visited many schools, they have never been to such a beautiful school where the children were so well behaved and able to ask and answer questions in such a mature manner. Thanks to former Woodbrook student Nihal Tammana for showcasing Woodbrook!

We were also visited (virtually) by Holocaust Survivor, Eva Safier Wiener. Mrs. Wiener speaks at many schools, but she took the time to share how impressed she was with our fifth grade students' questions and responses. Thanks to Ms. Lazarus for arranging this visit!

I never tire of the compliments which are showered upon the Woodbrook children and staff! This is a tribute to a community that prioritizes school and respect for ourselves and others! Congratulations to the parents and staff at Woodbrook for creating such an incredible school!

Thanks to our wonderful PTO for the fun parties run by our class parents! We hope the children enjoyed working with their classmates on the STEM activities and enjoyed seeing one another in their fun costumes! Thank you to the wonderful Woodbrook parents for supporting the children in their parade and for wearing child friendly costumes!

Students enjoyed picking and decorating their pumpkins and voted for the best pumpkin and the best pumpkin drawing in addition to voting for the best Halloween Door decoration in the building. Please scroll through the fun decorations below!

We encourage you to visit your child's classroom on the dates mentioned below as we celebrate American Education Week (Open School Week). Please come by and spend some time to see your child in action. Your teacher will send home a schedule so you can choose the best time to come and observe.

November 4 marks the end of the marking period for all students in grades 4 & 5 and for 3rd grade students in Mrs. Ethington, Mrs. Nunes, and Mrs. Windrem's classes. These students will work within the traditional four marking period structure.

Report cards will be made available via parent portal on:

Nov 28, Feb 16, Apr 26, Jun 21

For all students in grades K, 1, 2 and children in Ms. Sullivan, Ms. Tunnell and Mrs. Ohlson's classes, first marking period will end on December 1. Those students will work within the trimester marking period structure.

Report cards will be made available via parent portal on:

Dec. 16, March 23 & June 20

Parent Teacher Conferences are scheduled for Nov 15, Nov 29 & Dec 1. This is an important opportunity to speak with your teacher personally about your child's progress and to find out how you can support your child at home. We have provided one day for all on line conferences and two days for all in person conferences. Please scroll down for specific details.

The talent show is coming!! Please go to the PTO website (code woodbrook) to sign your child up for an online audition. You will be contacted with a link to perform a 1-2 minute audition online on either Tuesday, Nov 15 from 2-3:30 pm or on Thursday, December 1 from 2-3:30. Our talent show for those selected will take place Friday, February 10, 2023 at 6:15 p.m. in the Woodbrook gym.

Please scroll down through the rest of the newsletter for details and even more information!


Mrs. Cirillo

American Education Week

Come visit your child's classroom on the dates listed below

Grades K & 4...Mon, Nov 14

Grades 1 & 5...Thur, Nov 17

Grades 2 & 3...Fri, Nov 18

You will receive a letter from your child's teacher with the specific times subjects are taught so you can choose the best time to arrive!


Parent Teacher Conferences are coming up shortly.

Sign up for your conference on Parent Portal.

The portal will open early next week.

We will have 1:30 dismissals on the following Parent Teacher Conference days:

Tuesday, November 15 in person conferences 5-6:30

Tuesday, November 29 all virtual on line conferences 2-3:30

Thursday, December 1 in person conferences 5-6:30

Please know that the PE, art, music and Spanish teachers teach every child in the school, therefore you will most likely NOT be able to meet with those teachers nor will they be able to schedule a conference with all 950 families.

Parents of Fifth Grade Students:

You will have an extra full day (during school hours) available to choose another conference as grade 5 teachers have two classes.

You will only sign up with your child's MATH teacher for ONE slot. Your child's math and ELA teachers will attend the meeting. Do not sign up for more than one meeting please.


Drop Off & Pick Up Our extended day trip to Camp Bernie is Monday, November 7!

We will leave right after arrival (regular arrival time - morning clubs are still meeting and patrols/bracelet monitors still report for duty.

We will return to the cafe at approximately 8 p.m. Parents should locate their children's homeroom, sign them out on the clipboard at that table and sit at that table until the children enter and come to you.

What to Bring

Check the weather forecast for Port Murray NJ for Monday, Nov 7.

Here is the link. The weather looks like it will be great! BUT it will be cold in the morning!

YES...we will still be outside even if it rains!


Waterproof or water resistant hiking shoes or boots are best.

Sneakers if you don't have hiking shoes. (NOT rain boots...they are slippery.)

No open toe shoes.


A waterproof or water resistant rain jacket is best if rain is predicted.




If the temperature will be in the 60's and 70's, do not send heavy/winter clothing.

Clothing (assuming it will be in the 60's and 70's):

Pants: sweatpants, jeans, FULL LENGTH leggings (not short leggings)

Shirt: t shirt plus a sweater/sweatshirt and/or a waterproof jacket (plus an extra fleece or sweatshirt for the cold morning)

Comfortable crew socks or longer socks...keep ankles covered, we are walking in wooded areas - we don't want our ankles or legs getting scratched.

Bring a change of clothing

A light change of clothes in case your child gets soaked (best: sweatpants or leggings, t shirt, underwear & socks)


A light swag bag/string backpack to carry tissues, water bottle, poncho (if it doesn't rain)


Disposable Camera (Optional)

NO FOOD/SNACKS PERMITTED...THEY WILL EAT ENOUGH ON THE TRIP and no student may bring snacks/food on the campus - it will attract wild animals.


Please do not send sick children...every year parents send children who are not well enough to go on the trip and children either vomit on the bus or get up to the camp and become too sick to participate. If your child is not feeling well, they must remain home. If your child becomes sick during the trip, we will call you to come and pick up your child at

327 Turkey Top Rd, Port Murray, NJ 07865

Woodbrook's Got Talent Auditions!

The talent show is coming!!

Please go to the PTO website (code woodbrook)

to sign your child up for an online audition.

You will be contacted with a link to perform a

1-2 minute audition on line on either

Tuesday, Nov 15 from 2-3:30 pm

or on

Thursday, December 1 from 2-3:30.

Our talent show for those selected will take place

Friday, February 10, 2023 at 6:15 p.m. in the Woodbrook gym.

The Holiday Boutique is Coming!

Children enjoy shopping for family and friends at the annual

PTO Holiday Boutique

which will open the second week in December.

Give your children a budget and

let them decide how to spend the money on the

small, fun items at the boutique.

Look for details from the PTO!


Beauty & the Beast Date

Changed from Friday, March 31 to Friday, March 24

Big picture

We would like to recognize and thank Devine's Pharmacy for their generous donation to refurbish our beautiful Woodbrook Sign which has been a favorite photo spot for over 10 years!

We will have a special ceremony to properly thank and recognize the owner of Devine's Pharmacy, Mr. Robert B. Riedinger for his absolute love of and dedication to the Woodbrook Elementary School community!

This is truly a model of residents and businesses who give back to the community!

Devine's Pharmacy

1949 Oak Tree Rd in Edison

732 549 7117

Like them on Facebook

Thank you Devine's Pharmacy!

PBSIS Beaver Bucks Redemption

Get More Bang for your Beaver Bucks!

Save your Beaver Bucks from this year and

redeem them on line for prizes of your choice!

Then, send them in for your prize and we will

add those same Beaver Bucks to the weekly and end of year raffles!

Click below to redeem your Beaver Bucks for Prizes!

Beaver Buck Prize Order Form

Send the Beaver Bucks you are redeeming to the office in an envelope labeled with your name, your teacher's and BEAVER BUCKS on the envelope.
Please choose your prize by completing the form below.
Be sure to hit SUBMIT!

See your choices of prizes HERE.

Snacks and Ice Cream for Sale in Cafe

If you would like your child to purchase snacks, ice cream or extra lunch,

please go to

open up an account (you need your child's id number)

and let your child know that we will only sell them one snack/treat per day.

See prices on flyers below.

Snacks/extra lunch (ex. 2nd slice of pizza) are not included in free/reduced lunch.

Payment is required for these items.

Community Pass Instructions

If you are NEW to the EDISON SCHOOL DISTRICT Community Pass (not the Township Pass)

Payments for Math Club, Pumpkin Decorating Contest, Student Trips and Camp Bernie Shirts must be made on the Edison School District Community Pass.

Once you login/create an account, you must hit the Orange REGISTER button on your Community Pass home screen.

Click on the District Fees Link to locate Woodbrook catalog and find your grade.


1. Parents are using the Edison Rec Township/Latchkey Community Pass - please do not, just use the school Community Pass. Click to go to the correct Community Pass.

2. Only use the login credentials sent to you from me, Christine Burke, or the official SCHOOL DISTRICT Community Pass.

3. Check all parent email addresses for that letter - many people are not checking their email.

If you did NOT receive your Community Pass information, complete the form HERE

Big picture

Click for the District Calendar

  • Mon Nov 7 Camp Bernie Day Trip for 5th Grade Arrive regular time, Pick up in cafe 8 p.m.
  • Tues Nov 8 School Closed PD Day
  • Thurs/Fri Nov 10 & 11 School Closed NJ Teachers' Convention
  • Mon Nov 14 American Education Week Grades K & 4
  • Tues Nov 15 1:30 Dismissal PT Conferences 5-6:30 pm (in person conferences)
  • Tues Nov 15 Talent Show Auditions (on line)
  • Thur Nov 17 American Education Week Grades 1 & 5
  • Fri Nov 18 American Education Week Grades 2 & 3
  • Wed Nov 23 1:30 Dismissal for Thanksgiving Holiday
  • Thurs/Fri Nov 24 & 25 School Closed Thanksgiving Break
  • Tues Nov 19 1:30 Dismissal PT Conferences 2-3:30 (on line conferences)
  • Thur Dec 1 1:30 Dismissal PT Conferences 5-6:30 pm (in person conferences)
  • Thur Dec 1 Talent Show Auditions (on line)


Please read and refer to this handbook for Woodbrook's Policies and Procedures.



Send Umbrellas & Wear Boots when Rain is Expected

On rainy days students are still expected to walk down the sidewalk into the building. Please do not try to change the procedure and drop children off closest to the building because it is raining. Instead, pull up in the stop & drop lot and ensure your child is wearing rain boots and using a child size umbrella.

What to Do When Your Child is Absent

Please always ensure that you follow the TWO STEP procedure when your child is absent.

1. Call the school to report your child's absence.

2. Send a note with the REASON/doctor's note for your child's absence when your child RETURNS.

No Idling & No U Turns

Please be reminded that there is no idling when you are parked in the stop & drop lot to pick up students at 3:30 p.m. The neighbors have been complaining and have called the police to enforce the law.

In addition, be sure you are not making a U-turn by the stop & drop lot or by the flagpole. It is dangerous and it is not permitted.


The Edison Township Recreation Department office located at

100 Municipal Blvd., Edison, NJ 08817, 2nd Floor

Open to the public Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Online Registration For All ABC Latchkey Community Pass

NOTE: This is NOT the same Community Pass as the Edison Schools.

Please do not confuse the two.

Recycle your Batteries at Woodbrook!

Please recycle your batteries by sending them to school with your child.

Batteries should be placed in the battery bin

located in front of our library.

This organization was founded by former student Nihal Tammana here at Woodbrook

and our current students are working hard to keep it going!