KP Friday Focus

March 27, 2015

Things we noticed this week:

  • 6th grade math students raising their hands to share what mistakes they made during a warm-up and what they're learning from those mistakes.
  • 6th grade science students practicing kinesthetic astronomy.
  • 7th grade science students working together and using Punnett squares to determine which traits would be expressed in their marshmallow creatures.
  • 7th grade PE students hustling around the court and benefiting from feedback about how they use open space.
  • 7th grade health students suppressing giggles and collaborating to learn the terms associated with human reproduction.
  • 7th grade science students putting their genetic knowledge to practice building Reebops.
  • 8th grade students demonstrating their French fluency using their devices and Glogster.
  • 8th grade health students learning the difference between active and passive listening through examples and practice.
  • 8th grade health students learning the characteristics of healthy relationships and communication through play-doh.
  • 8th grade PE students honing their various racket strokes on the pickle ball court.
  • 8th grade Spanish students conjugating past perfect verbs by deciding the guilt or innocence of common fairytale characters.

Earth Hour 2015

Be part of something global! Earth Hour 2015 is this Saturday at 8:30PM. Shut off your lights and take a stand for the planet.

Earth Hour 2015

Don't forget Coffee House Monday

Feeling tired, did you forget your coffee, or simply need a second cup?


Where: Teacher's Lounge

When: Monday's- during MA and 1st period

What's Brewing: Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, and Folgers Decaf

Why: It's only .50 cents and because you will be supporting our Special Needs Life Skill curriculum.

​Thank you for your support!​

Upcoming Events


  • Garnet Service Dinner

Wednesday, April 1

  • Paraprofessional Appreciation Day
  • CSI - Department
  • Midfest @ Mortenson Hall Bushnell - 7:30PM
Friday, April 3
  • Good Friday - no school

Tuesday, April 7

  • Faculty Meeting

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  • Kate Pearson from colleague Gina Pudlo for covering part of my period 7 Spanish class so that I could attend a parent meeting. The students really enjoyed having you there!
  • Troy Jones from colleague Janel Aquadro for helping out on a day when we were short staffed and I needed extra special attention for one of the students.
  • Steve Boyle from colleague Justin Gusy for sharing his bilateral brain boost activities via Vimeo on such short notice.
  • Marnie Paulus, Stephanie Kozick, and Erin Rauseo from colleague Joy Wright for opening up your classrooms so that WHPS administrators could work on their evaluation craft.
  • Matt Bannon from Ruby Team colleagues for taking the time to organize the student groups for Chinatown. We really appreciate the time you saved us by doing this! thank you.
  • Eric Fisher from colleague Gina Pudlo for helping her out with gathering her students to finish up an assessment while she was unavailable.
  • Danelia Brown from colleague Sarah Wexler for helping to ensure that class runs smoothly and that behavior plans are followed even when I'm not in school. Thank you so much!

In Case You Were Wondering Where KP Admin Is.

Monday, 3/30 - Justin @ Collegial Calibration - all day
- Joy @ Town Hall - 1:00-2:30

Thursday, 4/2 - Joy @ Ed Center Mtg - 1:00 to 3:00pm

Professional Learning Opportunity

Like the Ed Camp model? Check out this national one with the USDE! Enter the Lottery to win.


What do think is the greatest cinderella story yet to be told in education? Check out what these edu all stars had to say (video below)


I wanted to pass along a grant option:

The CAS-CIAC Endowment and Flanagan Grant Program provides grant money to member schools to fund new or existing initiatives that lead to enriched educational experiences and/or improved learning environments. Proposals are now being accepted from member schools (K-12), individual students and/or schools, and groups of schools and/or students (including academic/athletic leagues).

Awards made by the CAS-CIAC Endowment Grant Program may be used to expand existing initiatives in new and innovative ways or develop other worthy projects or programs. Some examples of activities or programs that may be submitted for consideration include but are not limited to:

• leadership training for student leaders;
• anti-bullying programs;
• leadership workshops for athletic league team captains and/or academic club leaders;
• multi-cultural programs;
• academic competitions;
• programs about self-esteem, nutrition, and/or character development;
• school climate initiatives;

The application is here d and there is an April 10 deadline. Please let me know if you have any questions or if there are any program proposals I can help you develop.

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