Tanika's Baby Book

Whats Inside!

This baby book will show pictures from my life and my development. Development is the sequence of age related changes to the brain and body that occur during the lifespan.


Prenatal-Progress before birth

Childhood-Growing up


Adulthood-When you are officially grown up


1) Germinal stage = first 2 weeks --> ZYGOTE

An organism that develops from a cell

2)Embryonic stage = 2weeks - 2 months --> EMBRYO

Mammal in the early stages of development in the womb

3)Fetal stage = 2 months - birth --> FETUS

young of a mammal in womb or egg

My Baby Experiences:

My mom never craved anything with my sister but with me she craved mushrooms, and I hate mushrooms.


Grasping Reflex: involuntary bending of fingers in response to tactile or tendon stimulation

Rooting Reflex: rubbing or scratching around mouth area and infant turing its head toward sensation

Sucking Reflex: sucking movements of infants lips elicited by touching them or adjacent skin

Swallowing Reflex: stimulation of the plate, faces, or posterior pharyngeal wall

Babinski Reflex: movement of the big toe upward instead of downward

Moro Reflex: normal mass reflex to a sudden movement or sound

My Baby Experiences:

I didn't do any of these reflexes.

TEMPERMANT-person or animals nature that affects their behavior

My parents tell me that my temperament was mixed. I remember them telling me that I was usually quiet but as soon as I wanted something wether it be attention, food, a toy, or whatever, EVERYONE knew that I wanted something.

ATTACHMENT- strong bond between the primary caregiver and the baby

I was most attached to my mom, because she never put me down and if she did I would cling to her and climb on her, that earned me the nickname "Tic".

IMPRINTING- baby mammal coming to recognize another mammal as a parent or caregiver

This theory supports my attachment to my mom. But I also was attached to a blanket that I was first wrapped in when I was born, and a duck stuffed animal my sister gave me.


Cognitive Development: field of study in psychology focusing on a child's development in terms of info processing, conceptual resources, language, learning, and other aspects

Sensorimotor Stage(0-2 years)

- instantly begins to build up direct knowledge of the world around him/her (learn mostly through trial and error)

-I would always point at something and if I didn't have it, didn't matter if it was a shoe or a stuffed bear, if I didn't get it I would scream.

-I had a blanket and I think it helped with my cognitive development because I never let it go only to have it washed because it would be brown because of how much I used it


My first word was "baa", and it may sound like its just a normal sound a baby would make but it was after I saw a dog that looked like a sheep and my baby self said "baa"

I said the word when I was about 15 months old

I would continually say, or try to say, sister but it came out as "sisa"

TELEGRAPHIC SPEECH: a phrase being shortened down to a word (sounds like a telegraph)

I did use telegraphic speech

I used to say sisa when I wanted to be picked up by my sister and I used to say moo for milk


I was about 9 months when I could sit up on my own

I was about 12 months when I got my first tooth

My first step was around the age of 11 months


Preoperational Stage(2-7 years)

-language development is a hallmark of this stage

-become increasingly adept to using symbols

MY STORY: I always played with my moms broom making it a sword or a horse

I had a toy that would play music every time I got the correct shape in the correct hole


Concrete Operational Stage(7-11 years)

-gain a better understanding of mental operations

-begin thinking logically but have a hard time understand contrast or hypothetically concepts

-have a general principle

-understand that actions can be reversed

MT STORY: I would always say something but then take it back realizing that it was mean

I had Barbies that I would play with and Id make them fight and then apologize


-distance between actual development by independent problem solving and potential development through adult help

MY STORY: my dad says if my sister was in a bad mood I would try to help her and if she didn't want my help id imitate her mood

I didn't have a toy in this age that helped me in this stage it was just really my sister


Formal Operational Stage(12 and up)

-develop ability to think about abstract ideas

-logical thought, deductive reasoning and systematic planning

ADOLESCENT EGOCENTRISM: believing that other people are highly attentive to how you look or dress

MY STORY: i felt this way all though freshman year first semester, then I realized that none really cared what you looked like or dressed like as long as it was completely weird

ADOLESCENT "PERSONAL FABLE": he/she believes that he/she is special and no one else is like them and very unique

MY STORY: I guess I felt this way in 7th grade, but I didn't really keep it up

ADOLESCENT "IMAGINARY AUDIENCE": a group of people follow and judge everything they do

MY STORY: I guess I felt this way in the first semester of freshman year then I realized that no one really cared, and if they did then they think that they are God's gift to the world and are basically stuck in middle school


Authoritarian: favoring or enforcing strict behavior

Permissive: excessive freedom of behavior

Authoritative: able to be trusted, reliable

Authoritative is the best way to parent because once that trust is earned or broken many things can happen and its just good

I think my parents try to do the authoritarian but it usually ends up being authoritative.


Identity vs. Role confusion (13-18)

need to develop a sense of self and personal identity, exploring independence

Intimacy vs. Isolation (18-30)

relationships, boyfriend/girlfriend, love, break up, all the in-between


I think that these two stages are the most difficult because, you can learn a new language, you can learn to drive a car, but you can't learn who you are with out pain, with out crying. You can't learn to love with out hate, to be happy with out being sad. Physically you may or may not look how you want to look. So you may work out to look how you want. And thats one way to finding who you are. Another way is just plain experience. Emotionally you may have to break a few hearts, get your heart broken a few times, loose friends, and make friends. Basically all you need to do is live and be free and happy and do you.


Generativity vs. Stagnation:

striving to create or nurture something that will outlast his/her self

Integrity vs. Despair:

reflect back on life


I hope to be happily married and enjoying watching my children dance or play sport or whatever they love with a loving husband and loving family. I hope to have life long friends that will be with me till the end. And I hope to be in a place where I want to be in my life at that time.