Interesting Ants

By: Annika Santiago😺


Ants are very hard workers. They work 19 hours per day. Every ant gets 250 naps per day and there naps are 1 min long. Each ant has a different jobs, for example the forager ant, the guard ant, and the tunnel digger ant. These are some of the important jobs that some ants do. The forager ant is important because the forager ant gathers food and brings it to the ant hill, like in the picture of the ants carrying leaves. The gaurd ant is important because the gaurd ant keeps stange ant from entering the nest and last but not least the tunnel digger ant. The tunnel digger ant digs more tunnels for more room and food.

The Ant Hill:

An ant hill is where a ant lives. The ant hill is 90 degrees on the surface. It must be super hot in there. Ant hills can maybe be found under logs and rocks. Inside of the ant hill there are lots of tunnels. The tunnels are twenty feet deep underground. The tunnels are for shelter, food, and to protect eggs.



Ants are one of the strongest animals on the earth. They can carry a seed five times its weight. They must be tired carrying a seed five times there weight. They can carry up to 100 mg of its weight.

Hope you liked it!😄