For those who CAN read

Pass on the news!!! (Catholics only!!!)

Trouble near the tower

Our so-called 'Epic' plot has become an Epic fail. In an ideal world James would be dead and Catholicism would be restored but here we are, us Catholics under more threat. Guy Fawkes our ultimate hero with his crew has been caught and will be tortured to death. Our plan of the gunpowder didn’t work!

As we know King James is going easy on us Catholics but it might not last. Protestants are a bad influence and genuinely a waste of money and space in England. We need to get rid of him and all of them but in the meantime they are trying to get rid of us. We need him dead and put our catholic Elizabeth on the throne. So Guy Fawkes and his crew plotted to kill him and all the other men in the houses or Parliament. We rented out a basement under parliament where James was going to have his great opening. Guy snuck in amore than 30 barrels of gunpowder into the basement. all was left to do was the explosion at the right time. Saldy We can reveal some of our suffering heroes:

Robert and Thomas Wintour,
Thomas Percy,
Christopher and John Wright,
Francis Tresham,
Everard Digby,
Ambrose Rookwood,
Thomas Bates,
Robert Keyes,
Hugh Owen,
John Grant


Robert Catesby

Letters to the King

Letters were anonymously sent to the King warning him about what was going to happen. This alarmed the King so he sent out his men at 4:00AM to see what was going. It was that night, the night of the 26th October that our 'invincible' plan fell to pieces. Some people said that the Gunpowder had already gone off so no-one could get hurt.