Good People

By W.S. Merwin

Read "Good People"

If you saw a person, whether you knew them or not, and they needed help would you help them? If they were bleeding on the ground, or in times of need, would you stop the bleeding? As times grow older people grow colder. With as many things going on in the world today, sometimes it is hard to find the goodness in people. Some people are so focused on themselves that caring for other people isn't always a priority. In this poem by W.S. Merwin called "Good People" he shares his words on the people in the world today that cause people pain, and don't do anything about it. After you hear these four fire stanzas from Kirstin Kortberg you will be moved.

"the animals the animals staring from the end of the world"


Kirstin Kortberg is not your average High School Student. She has a passion for the arts, is bilangual, and even has a fan page on Instagram! You do not want to miss her poetry recitation. This is the event everyone has been talking about. Be there or be square.

Come Hear Some Poetry Out Loud

Thursday, Dec. 18th, 9am

Saline High School Room C147