Police Officer

Yesenia Flores / Mrs. Franklin - 3rd period

My Career

My career will involve working in Law Enforcement. I want to become a police officer and work my way up into becoming a homicide detective.

Description of what i'll be doing in my job

The main focus of a police officer is protecting people and property. They patrol areas they are assigned, respond to calls, enforce laws, make arrests, issue citations, and occasionally testify in court areas. They also make traffic stops, respond to domestic disturbances and at times provide first aid to someone involved in an accident or injured in a domestic dispute until paramedics arrive.


The average salary for a police officer is $53,540 a year.


Some places require only a high school degree but in most cases a bachelor’s degree is more likely recommended to pursue my career.

Why I want to do this job

I want to do this job because I want to help people in harsh situations. I want to make wherever i’ll be working a better and safe place for the community. I've always admired becoming a police officer ever since I was a little girl and it just sticked with me throughout my educational years.


Police officers can be located anywhere depending if the place they want to work at has a job opening. I want to pursue my career in Dallas, Texas.
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