After School Care Building

Helping Hands

What is assingned

The building that we just got this year is going to be renevated into the new after school care building. This place has abunch of rooms like a basketball court, Art room, Computer room and much more.

What needed to be done

There are 2 rooms that we got assinged to do by Mrs. Laura they are the art room and computer room. In the art room my class had to prime and re-paint the walls, sand and re-paint the cabinents, and we cleaned after we got done.

What needed to be done continued

In the computer room my class cleaned and pulld staples out of the wall, vacummed the floors, and sanded then re-stained the tables. On the weekends I came to help out with both class rooms along with other people. With all of our team work we got them both done.