Stephen Hawking

Born: January 8, 1942

The Man Who Contributed to the Field of Cosmology and Physics

Stephen Hawking has contributed a lot to the field of cosmology and physics. He has written multiple books, worked with lots of scientists and mathematicians, and has created lots of theories about space. He was one of the first to create a theory of cosmology explained by the general theory of relativity. Stephen Hawking has contributed to the world of STEM by giving us a better understanding of the world around us. Stephen Hawking has married twice and has three kids. Stephen Hawking's birthday is the 300th anniversary of Galileo Galilei's birthday.

Bill Gates

The Man Who Made Microsoft

Bill Gates is well known for his major contributions in the Cyber world creating the software Microsoft. He is the owner of the world's largest PC software company varying in use from gaming to business. This impacts the Cyber community
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Steve Jobs

The Man Who Made Apple

Steve Jobs is widely known for the making of the Apple products, like phones and computers. He was born San Francisco, CA and died October 5, 2011 in Palo Alto, CA. The Apple franchise contributed to the Cyber field by being the most valuable software company out there. Steve Jobs was adopted shortly after being born. Jobs was a pescetarian, meaning he ate no meat, except fish.
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Sophie Kowalevski


Born on January 15, 1850 and died on February 10, 1891. Kowalevski was a famous for being the first female mathematician. She was and still is also known for her contributions to the analysis, partial differential equations and mechanics. This has helped the STEM world by giving the a better understanding of math. She was known for her Cauchy-Kovaleski theorem. Her dad served in the Russian Imperial Army.
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