Brave New World Project

by Justin Pizarro

"Community, Identity, Stability." Grand words. "If we could bokanovskify indefinitely the whole problem would be solved.

i. The person who said this quote is the D.H.C (Director).

ii. The Director was explaining to the new scientists about the processes that occur in the hatchery, He was referring to the Bokanovsky Process in which he can create up to 96 clones of a single person.

iii. This is the centerpiece of the entire story because it includes the central theme of this civilization. They are trying to create a Utopian society by controlling and regulating every part of life. They condition and create people to make what they believe to be the perfect society, yet all this control is what makes this a dystopian society. The way that Huxley presents it is to show that even though these people are trying to make something of perfection, all that is gold does not glitter. It isn't as good as it seems to be. This is shown through Bernard who is struggling with living in this world. If it truly was a Utopian society everyone would be happy and there would be a state of bliss. Instead we have a crude heartless system that strips people of free will and their "Identity" just so that they could have something that looks good on the outside but is corrupt. I believe that this quote employs the idea that people are giving everything up to have a perfect society and there truly isn't one. In our world right now there is no way to solve all problems and make everybody happy. Everyone's desires conflicts so making one person happy would trouble another. What the World Controllers have done is put the world in a state of Ignorance. Nothing had gotten better. People are being controlled, killed, and isolated but because it is conditioned in that this is the norm, it seems perfect to everyone else. This is just a shroud over our eyes to make us believe that something like World Peace that cannot be accomplished has been.

How are we a Dystopian Society?

Poverty, corruption, and plague are some of the defining characteristics of a dystopian society. Our society demonstrates problems that Huxley's "New World" eliminates. A CBS reporter comments on how our society is encrusted with economic imbalance. Poverty, "Which brings us to the hungriest in our 2012 real-life version of the Hunger Games: the poor." he says, is one of our biggest unsolved cases. How do we fix it? How do we stop world hunger? (6)

Things that we find the norm today are problems that are deleted in BNW. Our world is encased with unpleasant things that hurt people in some type of way. Poverty has stricken our world and the threat of an entire world obese is becoming more and more prevalent. Incurable diseases like HIV taken out thousands a year. What is a dystopia? Dystopia is us. Dystopia is imperfection. Though that imperfection is thought of negatively it could be what really individualizes us. Its the pathway through we can grow outside of any limitations. There is no stopping what our society can accomplish. With the good comes that bad. We can take preventative measures such as added security for violence in schools, or groups against bullying for teens, but not everything can be stopped. That's just the fact of the matter. A utopia is an impossible feat. That's what freedom does. It makes it so that every person can do what they please within societies expectations. And most peoples ideas of utopia dissent with others creating a dystopia. But, on the same token I believe that our society being in a state of a dystopia is man made. Its from the neglect from the higher powers towards the lower powers. Our poor are kept poor while the rich get richer! How is it that we can spend millions of dollars making commercials about countries but cannot spend that money helping them out? We put ourselves in a situation then complain about it. Our world is corrupt and self destructive but we only add to the fire. The news is plagued with scenes of murder, rape, and extortion. Something new happens every day. I believe dystopia is just another word for humanity. With control and brainwashing, maybe a utopia could be achieved. Make everyone ignorant to the fact that they are being controlled, and make the world "perfect", but it will never be. Dystopia is normality.

Imagination - Just an Illusion

Imagination- Just an Illusion

"The days passed. Success went fizzily to Bernard's head, and in the process completely reconciled him (as any good intoxicant should do) to a world which, up till then, he had found very unsatisfactory. In so far as it recognized him as important, the order of things was good. But, reconciled by his success, he yet refused to forego the privilege of criticizing this order. For the act of criticizing heightened his sense of importance, made him feel larger" (Chapter 11, page 157)

"The song "Just an Illusion" by Imagination talks about someone who has had a lot of success or has done a lot and is hoping that its not all just an illusion. I connect this to the society of the New World and to Bernard himself when he is parading John around to show that he is important and to make himself feel good. But it really is just an illusion because when John doesn't come out, Bernard is again at the bottom of the totem pole. I also connect the lyrics "Could it be that it's just an illusion putting me back in all this confusion?", to Bernard's thoughts about society. He never felt that he was part of the New World, and the only way that he could get over it would taking soma which is the illusion. After he was done with his "vacation" though, he was thrust back into the crude reality that he still didn't belong in this world.

"When he is drunk asleep, or in his rage Or in the incestuous pleasure of his bed" (Chapter 8, page 133)

This quote from Hamlet comes when John is describing Pope and Linda's love making. He parallels Pope to King Claudius as a "remorseless, treacherous, lecherous, kind less villain" and talks about how he wants to kill him. This is a literal reference because John got the idea of killing Pope directly from reading Shakespeare so he was using Shakespeare to dictate his actions. John also thinks of his mother to be a whore when he talks about all the guys she brings over. He says it is just a phase, but it keeps happening. So the hatred of his mother turns onto the Pope because he is her main lover. Unlike Hamlet though, John actually acts and grabs a knife and stabs Pope twice. They don't clearly say but we can assume that Pope dies from it. John sought refuge from his pain and his misfortunes by reading Shakespeare. Shakespeare wrote literature that connected to what teens and normal people went through. This is why it appealed to highly to John and indefinitely persuading his decision to stab Pope.

GMO's and GMP's in today's society.

I support GMO's because I believe that they are our best of solving world hunger. These crops that can be genetically grown are "cheaper to grow, increase yields, and extend the time food remains edible"(1) , GMO plants should provide more food to our nations that struggle with lack of food. "The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that nearly 870 million people of the 7.1 billion people in the world, or one in eight, were suffering from chronic undernourishment in 2010-2012. Almost all the hungry people, 852 million, live in developing countries, representing 15 percent of the population of developing counties. There are 16 million people undernourished in developed countries".(2) The amount of people that are malnourished in the world is appalling. The opposition may say that the problem is not the lack of food but the accessibility to the food, but if we modify those plants to grow in the cold or in the poorest of soils, then we can teach the world how to grow them so that they have plants for generations to come. This is a growing issue and our resources are not unlimited. But, if we can create sources that are impervious to disease then we can solve that problem. Also, obesity is an exponentially growing problem in the world. "65% of the world's population live in countries where overweight and obesity kills more people than underweight."(3) I believe that with our increasingly capable technology we could create the same foods that the world has come to love, with less calories and other harmful substances to them. We could make the world a healthier place without taking the taste out of it. Another positive of GMO's is that we can clone animals. Not only have we cut out the time that we have to waste of nurturing and raising these animals, but now we can mass produce meats and dairies and eggs. These are all foods that play a big part in the food market. Instead of a scarcity would could have a surplus of food, and isn't having a surplus of goods sounding more like a Utopia? The fact of the matter is that GMO's can help balance out the powers among countries. Instead of a majority of crops or a specific good coming from a specific region, other countries can have access to everything. Agricultural companies will boom creating profit making the rich richer and helping close the gap between third world countries and the rest of the world. Countries like Africa, who have commercials that plague our tv screens with heart wrenching videos of malnourished individuals, can now get all the food they need and begin to export crops of their own. Its a worldwide business that can create only positive results.

Dystopian Hero in Today's World

I believe that John would want to change the corruption in our government. Though i don't believe that is something a single man can fix. Not such an issue that has been solved for a while. I believe John will be disgusted in the way that we treat religion now. It has become such a fad for teens now. Its cool to go to church because you are "holy". He would be appalled by our technology and our obsession of material things. The way that people camp out to get new shoes or the rush of Black Friday. Our society has poverty, and hatred, and so many obscurities. But maybe John could appreciate them more than the forced perfection of The New World. See because its those imperfections that really makes society to beautiful. Society left uncontrolled is what opens the door for magnificent writers like Shakespeare to emerge. It creates growth and free think. It creates drive and aspirations. Our Dystopia is perfect. It separates the strong from the weak. And people are only what they allow themselves to be. They can blame nobody but themselves. This is what John loves about his society. Its what he came to love when he saw the truth behind the "Utopian" society.

An event that John may organize is a meeting with all of the leaders of the worlds Superpowers to solve the issues with violence and promiscuity, because that's what he experienced when he was a child with his mother. He would try to push for change so that others wouldn't have go through what he did. Though i believe that this would end badly for him because the only thing that the governments worry about is money and power, and not petty things such as love and some cheating girls. I believe it would occur at our nations capital.