Desert adaptations


It is very hard to find water in the desert. The climant in the dessert is hot and dry. There are a few organisms that can surive in the desert. Day time has very little mostra in the air wich makes the desert very cold at night.


When it rains the barrel cactus can store water in its thick horns. Barrel cactus can roll up to ten feet. Barrel cactus can surive without water in the desert for more than one day.


Cactus has spines insted of leaves and have longer roots. Cactus has a very thick stem so when it rains the water is put at the bottem of the stem. Cactus just like other plants is use water and sun to surives in desert.

Desert marigold

Desert marigold hair can help it because it reflecs sun light. The desert marigold is allso poisonous and if animals eat it they migthg allso get poisonous and die. the desert marigold can grow up to ten to 30 inches tall or big.