Costa Rica

The capital of Costa Rica: San José

4 major city's

Alajuela,tleredia,escazu,and punjarenas

Was it controlled by another country

Yes it was controlled by by Spain

When did Costa Rica gain its independence / is it controlled by another country

In 1824 they gained there independence and now it is not controlled by any country

Physical features

The tallest volcano in Costa Rica is called irazú volcánica that reaches 11,260 feet high

The tallest mountain in costa rica is called Cerro chirripo that reaches 12,533 feet high

The longest riverside the San juan river that is as long as 119 miles

What type of government

The government is constitutional democracy

Who is the leader

The leader is Luis Guillermo Solis

The currency what it the economic system

The currency is the Costa Rican colón

They are a capitalist economic system

Why should people visit?

People should visit here because they have wonderful wild life and even sloths that that roam in the trees also the impeccable food

Why should tourist visit?

They have volcano's that you can visit also they have rainforest and beaches with famous waves the are amazing for surfers.