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Week of January 30, 2023

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Principal's Message

Dear Henry Hawk Families,

This week will be a short week as we will have no school on Friday for a teacher professional development day.

We have had 8 cases of COVID-19 in our school last week. We highly recommend wearing a mask in school to help prevent the spread. Also, if your child has symptoms, please have them stay home. If you are in need of a rapid test, please contact the main office. Also, we have the PCR tests done weekly on Tuesdays. The signup for the PCR COVID-19 test is below in our newsletter.

Upcoming February Dates:

3rd ~ PD Day (No Classes)

7th ~ 8:30 BAC Meeting

7th ~ 9:30 PAC Meeting

8th ~ 100th Day of School

14th ~ 4:30 LSC Meeting

20th ~ President's Day (No School)

Stay well!

Juan Gutierrez, Principal


Mary Ann Reynolds, Assistant Principal



School Counselor: I'll be there for you (NEW!)

Henry Hawk Basketball Pics (NEW!)

Covid Testing Signup

Parent Portal (Aspen)


Covid Protocol

Henry Student/Parent Handbook 2022-2023

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Hello Henry Families,

It's almost February!

February starts Wednesday, which means that Valentine’s day is just around the corner. Here’s an easy and fun activity that you can do with your family leading up to Valentine’s Day. Not only does it help get your children excited for the holiday, but this activity will also build your child’s self-esteem and they will hear why you love them. This activity will build trust in the family and show why each family member is valuable too. You can do this with the whole family, big and little kids and parents.

Love Posters

Take construction paper and at the top of each paper write a family member’s name (even mom/dad). Every day until Valentine’s Day you will build our Love Posters and fill them with things you love about each other. First, model it for them by saying, “Let’s talk about Daddy. What’s something we love about Daddy.” Talk out loud about the things you love about Daddy and maybe settle on “He makes good pancakes” as something I love about Daddy – make your example simple and concrete for my kids. Make sure they can totally grasp the concept. Your children will love hearing things our family loves about them and especially love sharing what they appreciate about each other. It’s a great act of kindness for them all! Each day, sit first and reread our “loves” from the previous days – which will make them so happy. Then add to the list every day. What a beautiful way to start the day with so many positive vibes and good feelings!

Have a great week.

Mrs. Garfinkel and Mr. Renas

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Henry Hawk Basketball Pics

COVID Testing Signup

CPS offers free weekly COVID-19 testing for students and staff in all District-run schools. Sign up for weekly testing for the 2022-23 school year through the ReadyCheckGo Testing Program.

IMPORTANT: Every CPS student or staff member who wants to enroll in weekly COVID-19 testing for the 2022-23 school year MUST complete a new consent form. Consents from last school year or this summer WILL NOT be valid for the 2022-23 school year.

To sign up for COVID testing, please go the following link: https://www.color.com/cust/readycheckgo-cps

You will need to search "Henry" for the school.

Parent Portal (Aspen)

Parent Portal (Aspen)

Use the Parent Portal to easily and conveniently check grades, attendance, and other information about your student's progress. Need to learn how to set up Parent Portal? Contact the Main Office at 773-534-5060 or click on the link above.

New Feature on Aspen

An exciting new feature is coming to the Aspen Parent Portal on October 24, 2022. E-Absence will allow parents and guardians to submit and track your student’s absences online. That means no more making last-minute phone calls or completing paper forms.

E-Absence joins a lineup of features that are already available on the Aspen Parent Portal to manage your student’s school experience. Sign in to your account at ASPEN.CPS.EDU for features including:

  • Checking Assignments
  • Viewing Grades
  • Tracking Attendance
  • Paying Fees

To access Parent Portal, you must:

  • Be listed as a contact for your student in the Student Information System.
  • Have a valid email in the student’s contact records.
  • Request and submit the validation code sent via email.

Don’t have an account? Contact the main office to register for an account today. You can also learn more at cps.edu/pages/parentresources.aspx.


Covid Protocols:

  • Close contacts will no longer be excluded from school. Any student or staff member who is exposed to COVID-19 in school — regardless of vaccination status — will no longer be required to learn or work from home for five days, but will be required to wear a mask in school for 10 days following exposure, and will be strongly encouraged to test three and five days after exposure. CPS will provide schools with rapid take-home tests to distribute to families and staff members if they are exposed, and we will strongly encourage families to use them in order to prevent spread and ensure a safe in-person learning environment.

  • Anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 should isolate for 5 days. Cases should continue to be reported to cps.edu/covidresults

  • Wearing a mask is still an important way to prevent spreading the virus to others. CPS will continue to strongly recommend masking in school, and masks will continue to be required in the following situations:

    • On days 6-10 after testing positive for COVID-19

    • If someone is exposed to COVID-19

    • If there is a positive case identified in an elementary school classroom

    • At the direction of the Chicago Department of Public Health.

  • CPS will continue to offer free, weekly in-school COVID-19 testing to students and staff who are interested. Importantly, anyone who wants to enroll in testing this year will need to fill out an updated consent form — regardless of whether or not individuals participated in weekly testing last year. That updated consent form can be accessed here. Parents or guardians must register on behalf of a student under 18 years old. When you’re asked to enter an Organization ID, use your child’s 8 digit CPS Student ID which can be found on Aspen's parent portal or ask your child's teacher.


  • All visitors, including parents, visiting a school must behave appropriately and adhere to school rules and visitor protocol while on CPS property. Every visitor must check in at the security check-point at the main entrance (Door #2). The security officer will ask for a valid state ID or driver's license from the visitor. If a state ID or driver's license is not available, the security officer will check in the visitor by manually typing their information into the Visitor Management System (VMS). Visitors who fail or refuse to provide valid identification or other identifying information will not be allowed entry into the building.
  • Once a visitor has been checked into the VMS, the visitor will receive a badge that must be visibly worn and escorted throughout the building during their visit. Visitors who do not wear their badge must be redirected to the security check-point. If a parent seeks to visit a classroom to observe their child, the parent should request permission from the teacher and/or school staff to discuss appropriate times and days. This notification must be done at least 24 hours prior to their visit.

Covid Protocols

Henry Student/Parent Handbook 2022-2023

Patrick Henry School

Stay Well,

Principal Juan Gutierrez

A.P. Mary Ann Reynolds