Flying Shoes

Abhinav Kumar Marketing Project

Only $24.99 per pair!

Have You Ever Wanted To Fly?

 Handcrafted by experienced shoe-makers and made to fly by physicists, these shoes are stylish and scientific! They are delivered right to your door after being subject to a thorough investigation to insure quality. They are manufactured in the USA and sold here as well. Also, they will help to strengthen the economy. Each shoe has a built in solar panel that traps energy from the sun and converts to energy used by the antigravity boosters in the shoes to fly. From shoemakers to business professionals to physicists to ordinary people, everyone benefits from these shoes. Our customer service representatives will be glad to answer your questions. The smoothness of flight and the sense of elation will really prove this products worth! These shoes are only available from the phone number at the bottom of this page.
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