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February 5, 2016

Be Connected To Our Classroom

Parent Teacher Conferences

To those of you who attended conferences on Thursday I just wanted to say thank you. Your student was very excited about sharing their progress and their Google Presentation. I look forward to meeting with the rest of you on Tuesday, February 9th.

Need to check your conference time? Check Ms. Stevens' Conference Schedule here.

Valentine's Day Party

Our classroom Valentine's Day party will be held at 2:15pm on Thursday, February 11th. Thank you to the families who so generously volunteered to donate items for our classroom party!

Your child may bring Valentine's to distribute to their classmates during the party, however, they must bring a Valentine for each student in our class. The list of students in our class can be found below. If you have any questions please contact me.

Students in Our Class: Eliel, Jaylin, Ellie, James, Mariana, Will, Roman, Kaitlyn, Nathan, Katie, Carly, Jack, Ian, Lynnsie, Ben, Yehzenia, Robert, and Jayden.

Field Trips

On Friday, February 12th your student will be attending a field trip to the Veteran's Museum and the Wisconsin State Capitol. The Veteran's Museum tour will focus on the Civil War and add onto the knowledge the students already have on this topic. After lunch, students will be taken on a guided tour of the State Capitol.

Our Physical Education teachers have planned a field trip to Rock River Lanes on Monday, February 8th. The kids are really excited for the trip! Thank you for turning in the permission slips and money. It is much appreciated!

This Week's Learning

Everyday Math

Students have been working diligently on their ability to solve long division problems. They have been practicing in their math journals as well as by playing games that will help them practice the process of long division. I am very proud of my fourth grade students for working so hard on this difficult skill and taking it on with such enthusiasm.

They will be having an assessment on division and measuring angles on Monday. The study guide will be sent home today. If you have questions about the partial quotients method for division, use the link below to help your child practice.

Partial Quotients Algorithm Tutorial Video

*Ask your student to solve 163/7 and show you how to solve it.

Science & Social Studies


  • This Friday our students presented their science fair projects that they have worked so hard on! The finished products look great, and it is awesome to see how excited the kids were to share their investigations.

Social Studies

  • This week our students have been working on gathering information on their Native American tribe.
  • Ask your student what tribe they have and what research they are responsible for finding.
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Important Dates to Remember

February 8th - Unit 6 Math Test

February 8th - Bowling Field Trip

February 9th - Parent Teacher Conferences

February 11th - Talent Show 6:00PM

February 12th - Museum & Capitol Field Trip