Workshop Wednesday!

Develop Your Nutrition Assessment Skills

Nutrition Assessment Skills taught by Dr. Mary Marian

Wednesday, Feb. 10th, 3-4pm

SNAC (Shantz 238)

Assistant Professor of Practice, Dr. Mary Marian, will lead 2 workshops focused on developing your nutrition assessment skills this spring.

Session 1: Nutrition-Focused Physical Examination (NFPE) of Fat and Muscle

Completing a NFPE is a critical skill for dietitians as well as for other healthcare professionals. This first session will teach you how to assess for fat and muscle loss.

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Session 2: Nutrition-focused Physical Examination (NFPE) and Micronutrient Status

This is the second session regarding completing a NFPE. This session will focus on observing for micronutrient deficiencies. Assessing fluid status will also be reviewed.