Guest Educator Newsletter

January 2018 5th edition

Hello 2018!

Welcome back! We hope you had time to enjoy family, friends and fabulous food over your winter holiday.

Fun facts:

2909 total absences for December

1998.5 of those absences needed Guest Educators

If you want to work daily please share your contact information with the campuses so they can add your name to their preferred list of Guest Educators to call!

GREAT Guest Educators

Sharon Henderson

"Sharon Henderson did an amazing job in my class yesterday. She even emailed me last night to give me some information that I needed." Sharon is always willing to help us in a pinch, responding to last-minute requests. She is always professional and has great classroom management skills. --Granger Elementary

Shara Smith

I always ask for Shara when I am out of the office. She has a great rapport with the kids. They always want her to come back. She follows lesson plans, even if teaching new content. Shara is a great guest educator! --Granger Elementary

Jennifer Murphy

Jennifer knows the kids and the content. She holds students to high expectations. Students and teachers love her! --Granger Elementary

Marilyn Wood-Brewster

We received a fantastic review from Ms. Anderson and her 2nd-grade team regarding Mrs. Wood-Brewster! They were thrilled with her performance. She is always willing to help and go the extra mile!-- Peterson Elementary

Guest Educator Point of Contact

Absence Management Contact Information

Elementary Campus Point of Contact phone number & email address

Beck Susan Stuebe-- 815-215-0452

Cox Didi Martinez-- 817-698-7272

Granger Tia Sheldon-- 817-698-1102

Haslet Laura Pender-- 817-215-0864

Hatfield Kalyn Fichter-- 817-698-1353

Hughes Debora Tuggle-- 817-698-1912

Justin Patricia McGee--817-215-0808

Lakeview Brandye Gahagan-- 817-215-0750

Love Delores Rizer-- 817-698-6602

Nance Libby Hall-- 817-698-1963

Peterson Monica Strader-- 817-698-5010

Prairie View Lisa Reid-- 817-215-0051

Roanoke Melissa Beattie-- 817-698-1664

Schluter Valerie Proulx-- 817-698-3902

Sendera Beverly Fowler-- 817-698-3512

Seven Hills Wilma Adams-- 817-215-0706

Thompson Kim Prax 817-698-3802

Middle School Point of Contact phone number & email address

Chisholm Trail Tricia Snider-- 817-215-0622

Medlin Sherry Witty 817-215-0544

Pike Marlene Mendez-817-215-0404

Tidwell Sherry Burroughs-- 817-698-5852

Wilson-- Tracey Kucharski--817-698-7902

High School Point of Contact phone number & email address

Byron Nelson Barbara Bankston-- 817-698-5616

Eaton April Mata-- 817-698-7300

Northwest Angela Calvert-- 817-215-0229

Steele AHS Lynne Jackamonis, 817-698-5802

Denton Creek Maria Hernandez 817-215-0920

DAEP Julie Conklin-- 817-215-0900