Hawaii The Volcano Island!!!!!

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All About Hawaii

Hawaii is a island that used to be one big island but now it is multiple islands. This article will tell you about Hawaii and give you cool facts about Hawaii. Hawaii is known for there volcanos and especally the volcano Kilauea. (You will here about Kilauea in the paragrah Hawaii Volcano National Park).

Hawaii Volcano National Park

The national park was established in 1916. The volcanic mass towers to about 4,169 meters (13,677 feet) above sea level. Volcano National Park has a very active volcano and its name is the Kilauea.

Hawaii's Yellow Hibiscus

The yellow hibiscus is Hawaii's state flower. Declared by the state in 1988 the yellow hibicus became the state flower. The hibiscus has a pin wheel shaped blossom. The hibiscus loves to be in warm climate because if they are in cold climate they will most likly die down.

Hawaiian's Jobs

About one fourth of Hawaiian's jobs are preducing services, like being a prepare person, lawyer, and a nurse. Then about 100,000 Hawaiian's work for the goverment like working for the military or for serving for the country.

Is All Hawaii Paradise

Not all of Hawaii is paradise, and especially right in the middle of Hawaii because it is mostly mountainous. Where this is at the Volcano National Park, which looks like a desert with fallen trees and volcanos.

Hawaii's yellow hibiscus

Is Hawaii One Big Island

Hawaii is not one big island. Hawaii used to be a big island until 200 meters of water flooded Hawaii and broke Hawaii into little peices.

Cool Facts About Hawaii

In the winter time the tempeture reaches to 77 degrees fahrenheit. Hawaii only receives 10in. of rain every year. In ancient times people made bowls out of a tree called the Monkey Pod. The area of Hawaii is 6,471 square miles. The hottest temperature found in Hawaii was 100 degrees fehrenheit. The city's state bird is called the Nene. A city in Hawaii has a population of 365,272.

Resourses And Products

The two most important crops that are grown in Hawaii are the sugar cane and pineapple. The pineapple is most likly grown in Maui, Hawaii. More crops that are grown are coffee, avacodo, and banana.