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November 3, 2021

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Some days I feel more like a chicken running around with its head cut off than a "got it together" kind of gal. It’s hard to keep that peaceful, serene, filled-with-the-Spirit personality when you’re trying to do five things at once. Instead of feeling love, joy, and peace, I sometimes feel overwhelmed, tense, and anxious.

Perhaps you can relate. You have so much to do that you can barely hold yourself together. If you’re like me, you have more things on your list today than you could possibly accomplish. It’s hard to order your priorities when you have so many that you can’t even keep them straight. We’re busy driving kids to activities, working at our jobs, supporting families, and trying to make dinner each night. So many different responsibilities can make it hard to order our steps.

What can we do to unclutter our lives today? How would your day change for the better if you made your primary goal to love and serve God both at work and at home?


Help us to remember our primary purpose in life. Forgive us for letting other things get in the way of our relationship with you.

Help us see our lives through your eyes and give us a sense of your priorities for us, so we can follow your design.

Help us simplify our lives, so that we may love and share that love with others.

In Jesus’ name,


On The Calendar

11/6 - 8th Gr Booyah Sale

11/9 - NDA Shadow Day (Rescheduled) for 8th Graders

11/10 - Vocations Day - for 8th Graders @ SJB

11/12 - Packer Dress Day

11/19 - Early Dismissal (11:30)

11/23 - Crazy Coupon Day for 8th Gr. Fundraiser

11/24 - Packer Dress Day

11/24 - Early Dismissal (11:30)

11/25-11/26 - No School - Happy Thanksgiving

11/28 - First Day of Advent

Dress Code Reminder

As noted in our Holy Cross Dress Code Policy:

Capris, shorts and skirts without tights/leggings may be worn in August, September, October and April, May and June.

Beginning November 1, students are no longer allowed to wear shorts, capris and skirts/jumpers/dresses without leggings until April 1, 2022.

Substitutes Needed!

Holy Cross (and all the GRACE schools) are in desperate need of additional substitute teachers. Could you help us out? We are willing to create a "Holy Cross Only Substitute List" if you are only interested in subbing at our school or share your information on the general GRACE sub-list depending on your interest. You are also able to decide if you would like to be paid for your substitute services or to simply volunteer your time. We are also willing to work with you to place subs in classrooms with age ranges that they feel most comfortable with. Please reach out to Mrs. Peterson to learn more!

Post Auction Survey - Please Respond:

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HCS Winter Spirit Wear Sale

Get new and popular Spirit Wear Items - just in time for Christmas Gifts!

*The Fleece Jackets can be worn EVERYDAY all year long!*

All online orders are due by November 7, 2021.

Items will be delivered to school or shipped to your home the week of December 6, 2021.

Holy Cross Receives $5000 From Green Bay Packer Foundation

Holy Cross was selected as one of the recipients of the Green Bay Packer Foundation's Grant for the enhancement of our outdoor classroom. These funds will be used to complete and improve the outdoor learning space as a part of our "Going Green Initiative". Thank you to the Green Bay Packers for their efforts to give back to the community and choosing Holy Cross.

Cookie Decorating Event - Mark Your Calendars

Mark your calendars for a Cookie Decorating Event at the Holy Cross Parish for all children of the Holy Cross Parish and School. It will take place on Wednesday, December 8 from 6 - 7:15 pm in the Parish Gathering Space. More details will follow...

HCS Alum Had A Great Season And Compete At State Cross Country And Soccer Tournament

2nd Grade Farm (School Garden) To Table Pumpkin Pie

Keeping Us Safe Together And Reducing The Spread - Please Note Changes To HCS COVID Site Plan:

Please remember that if your child is exhibiting any symptoms related to COVID-19, including sniffles, cough, stomach ache, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. he/she should stay home. We ask that those who are ill with any COVID symptoms consider testing by a recognized medical provider regardless of the individual's vaccine status prior to his/her return. This has helped us to minimize the spread of the virus here at Holy Cross. Short-term quarantines are proving effective in reducing the spread as well. Frequent reviews and updates to our Holy Cross COVID Site Plan are monitored and provided as necessary. Thank you for your cooperation and diligence!
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6th Grade Science Students Demonstrate Potential Energy Converted To Kinetic Energy

Potential Energy Transforming Into Kinetic Energy

7th Grade Science Lab on Osmosis

Students study homeostasis and osmosis (movement of water into or out of a vegetable) understanding the process cells use to maintain a homeostatic environment.

Holy Cross Family Trunk Or Treat For Families

Middle School Visits Holy Cross Cemetery On All Souls' Day