Donna cooner


This books about a girl who is overweight and very insecure . And also has a imaginary voice called skinny saying horrible things to her.But once she got weight lose surgery in the end of the school year and over the summer she lost weight.She started to feel excepted even though skinny was there she still lost weight. But after she got her heart broken by here former crush , she learned that she should be with friends that would like her before her weight loss
in this picture its a classroom because that were most of her story takes place

About the main character

she is a 16 year old girl you is very unsure about herself and is very logical. She also very open to learn about her mistakes and knows she needs to be treated like she a equal

Reason i liked it

i liked it because it touched a very important subject in a lot of young girls lives in society. And help show a example of a battle one might face and how to get through it . And realize you need people in your lives that actually care about you not for what you look like.