Child labor

By Kery Dort

The Family and Medical Leave Act

The family and medical leave act states that employers must provide employees unpaid leave for family and medical reasons that are qualified like: personal or family illness, family military leave, p, adoption, or the foster care placement of a child.

In the past...

Child labor laws did not arrive in America until 1918 when it was banned, before that making children undergo difficult tasks for money was allowed.. The jobs were horrible, children would get sick, get diseases, and die. The reason of this was that families with money problems, had to find a way to make extra money. This, sadly, occurs today.

What minorities can’t do

All ages that make someone a minority, cannot work at occupations that include these:

  • Handling dangerous animals.

  • Spray painting

  • Mining

  • Cooking(With exceptions)

  • Manufacturing

  • Doing door to door sales as an employee(With some exceptions)

  • Repairing machinery

  • Working in freezers or heaters.

  • Working in public messenger services.

That’s All!