Puketapu School Newsletter

Week 1, Term 2, 2019

Empower All People to be Healthy, Lifelong Learners

Kia kaha - do your best * Kia māia - be courageous * Kia manawanui - have a heart

Welcome to Term 2!

Kia ora koutou,

Great to be back for Term 2. Karla (my wife) and I were fortunate enough to head over to Langkawi (Malaysia) and Singapore for 9 days throughout the school break. What I learn from travelling is that our school values are global. Kia kaha - Do our best, Kia maia - be courageous, kia manawanui - have a heart. Wherever we went the people that were kind to us were the people that we remembered the most. People that did their best and went the extra mile were people that we remembered. The risky and courageous activities were the most fun. Throughout this term we will continue to model, teach and celebrate our school values in our school and community.

This term our Learning Theme is Para Kore - Zero Waste. Our aspiration/moemoea as a kura is: "Puketapu School will be a Zero Waste Environment". This dream will be a huge challenge and won't be achieved overnight but we are looking forward to the creative solutions that our akonga (learners) will create. Throughout the past year I have a new hero - Greta Thunberg. I really enjoy listening to this courageous 15 year old sharing her critical message to the world.

Here is a TED Talk from Greta Thunberg

We are looking forward to a great term ahead.

Nga mihi
Matua Ngatai


Michele Gray

Michele has been a regular guest teacher in the Rimu Learning Team all year and this term will be teaching full time in Rimu 1 while Mrs Warring is away. We are delighted to have her here every day!

Anya Poching

Anya has joined us as a 24x7 Youth Worker and will be working with many different students to help increase their in school and out of school connections.

Anya and her family have only recently arrived in Bell Block and we are delighted to welcome them to our community and our school.

Crusader Faletagoai

Coming from Auckland to the Taranaki Rugby Academy, Crusader will be working at our school this term, working with our students in class and taking sports at playtimes.

Health Survey

Our school is committed to developing policies and procedures that strengthen our health and physical education programmes.

As required by legislation, our board or trustees produces a written statement (at least once every two years) about how the school will implement health education.

We are currently reviewing our written statement and health and P.E curriculum so would like to consult with members of the school community regarding the way in which the school should implement health education.

(The legislation makes provision for individual parents to request that their children be excluded from specified parts of the health programme related to sexuality education.)

Please help by completing the online Health Survey:

Paid Union Meeting - Wednesday 8 May - School Finishing at 12.45pm

If you have not read in the news, the next round of union meetings is taking place around the country, where teachers are fighting for better learning conditions and environments for your children.

As a school our staff will be attending the Union meeting at Highlands Intermediate at 1.30pm on Wednesday 8 May.

We will be asking parents and caregivers to collect students at 12.45pm.

For those families who cannot arrange an alternative for their children, we will have a small group of staff who will be able to provide limited supervision for the remainder of the afternoon.

Thank you for your support. We really appreciate it.

RNZ Ballet Workshop

What could be better to start the new term than a session of dance?

We were very happy to welcome Pagan Dorgan from the Royal New Zealand Ballet. Pagan led two dance workshops for some very excited and keen dancers. They also learned about some of the things that not many people know about ballet. For example, did you know that the points of ballet shoes are filled with paper mache?

Rimu 2 - Crest Clean's Cleanest Classroom for Term 1

Congratulation Rimu 2 - showing showing Kia Manawanui, in keeping your classroom clean all term. A huge thank you to Maklita and her team for providing the treat/prize for the children.
Big picture

The Tech Hub

Kia ora everyone and welcome back to Design and Technology.

At the end of Term 1 I gained some student feedback and using this information, together with looking at how the classes have been running, we have decided to introduce a Tech fee for each term. We believe this will ensure that everyone cooks during practical lessons and has the materials for other projects we are working on.

The fee this term will be $15 per student, and this will cover ingredients and materials that might be used through the term.

Paying this fee will mean that students will not need to bring materials/ingredients from home this term.

At this stage we are looking at running food throughout the term, with four or five practical lessons, looking at some easy family friendly recipes that can be added to and changed in lots of different ways. The other lessons will be following the Design and Technology process to investigate, design and make a prototype of a product. We will aim to make the final product next term. This product will most likely be made using hard (wood) or soft (textiles) materials.

Students will need to make sure that they bring a medium to large, named container for each of their practical lessons, so that they can take their share of food home, if it makes it that far!

To kick off our tech unit, students have started planting seeds for vegetables and attempting to grow kumara, carrots, spring onions and potato's from veges I had at home. It was a nice change to our normal class. Once these have grown, we will plant them in the vegie boxes outside the Kauri classrooms.

Next week will be our 1st food tech lesson... I will post the recipe in next week's newsletter.

Nga mihi
Mrs Wigley.

Puketapu Home and School Meeting

There will be a home and school meeting Monday 6 May at 6pm in staff room. All are welcome to attend.

ALSO SAVE THE DATE Thursday 30 May - look out for details coming soon for our quiz night coming up.

School Accounts and School Costs

Often you will hear people mention "put it on my School Account". This refers to those who have set up regular payments to the school for their family. These can be weekly, fortnightly, monthly... and any amount that suits your circumstances.

If there is credit in a School Account, it can be used for things like Friday lunches or stationery... even bigger things like school photos, sports fees or trips. It is great as you don't need to worry about finding that $2 for this or $4 for that as well as spreading the costs of bigger things like camp or sports fees.

If you are not paying regular payments into a School Account you do need to make sure your costs are paid to the school office promptly and before the activity takes place please.

You are most welcome to set a School Account up at any time - call in to the office for more information.

Sports Corner

Here come the winter codes of Netball, Miniball and Basketball!

Miniball and Basketball: Teams are finalised and all players should have received notices now, so please make contact with your coach if you need to clarify anything. You will also need to register your player - the link is in the notice.

Netball: starts this week. Draws can be checked

Uniforms: For all borrowed uniforms, there is a $5 charge and a $45 bond. On your statement you will see your invoice for $45 for "Borrowed Uniform". When the uniform is returned clean and in good condition the invoice will be discounted by $40, leaving you with just $5 to pay.

Touch shirts were due back at the end of last term. We have 20 shirts still not returned. Please make sure shirts are returned or we will have to charge replacement costs ($45) for these.

Puketapu Hoodies and T-Shirts

We will be putting in an order for Puketapu School branded hoodies (lots of different colours in a range of child and adult sizes) and for Puketapu School branded T-Shirts in the four Whanau Group colours.
Big picture
T-Shirts will be $15 each (AS brand) or $25 with your name on the back.

Hoodies will be $55 with your name on the back, $45 without.

There are samples at the office to check sizes and quality. Orders must be paid in full in advance.

Board of Trustees Elections

Next month we will be electing the Board of Trustees for the next three years.

Every parent, father, mother, legal guardian or immediate caregiver of every child enrolled at our school gets to vote and can nominate anyone they believe will help govern our school.

We will be electing five parent representatives.

Nomination forms must be posted out to every parent. Regulations require that these are posted in an individual envelope, even if two voters have the same address. These will be posted out next week.

Nominations must be made before Friday 24 May, so if you have an idea for someone you would like to see on our Board, please talk with them about this.

After nominations, voting forms will also be posted out, with the details of who you can choose from.

Election Day is Friday 7 June 2019.

If you have any questions about any part of the process, please speak with Paula in the school office.

Calling all artists!

The 2020 Learning@Home books need a cover design. Could you design our next cover?

You could be world famous at Puketapu with your design on the cover of 350+ books!

We would like a design that shows our school values and what it is like to be a learner at Puketapu School, so if you like drawing and want to take part, pick up an entry form from the office. Entries must be in by Thursday 9 May.

Friday Lunches

Order and pay at the office before 3.30pm on Wednesday.

Friday 3 May

  • Macaroni & Cheese (with bacon) $5
  • Cup of soup with roll and butter: Pumpkin $5
  • Lunch pack (piece of fruit, yoghurt, mini cookie, raisins and Mini Ham & Cheese Croissant $5

Friday 10 May

  • American Hot Dog $4
  • Cup of soup with roll and butter: Kumara and Bacon $5
  • Lunch pack (piece of fruit, yoghurt, mini cookie, raisins and Ham Sandwich) $5

Friday 17 May

  • Bacon sour cream stuffed Potato $5
  • Cup of soup with roll and butter: Country Chicken Noodle$5
  • Lunch pack (piece of fruit, yoghurt, mini cookie, raisins and Cheese Scone) $5

Friday 24 May

  • Mild Mince Nachos $5
  • Cup of soup with roll and butter: Veggie $5
  • Lunch pack (piece of fruit, yoghurt, mini cookie, raisins and Savoury Pinwheel) $5

Friday 31 May

  • Mince and Cheese Pie $5
  • Cup of soup with roll and butter: Creamy Chicken $5
  • Lunch pack (piece of fruit, yoghurt, mini cookie, raisins and Mini Bacon and Egg Puff) $5

Friday 7 June

  • Hawaiian Quiche $5
  • Cup of soup with roll and butter: Sweetcorn and Bacon $5
  • Lunch pack (piece of fruit, yoghurt, mini cookie, raisins and Mini Ham and Cheese Croissant) $5

Friday 14 June

  • 8" sausage with Mash potato and Cheese - comes with potato gems $5
  • Cup of soup with roll and butter: Pumpkin $5
  • Lunch pack (piece of fruit, yoghurt, mini cookie, raisins and Ham Sandwich) $5

Friday 21 June

  • Sausage Roll with potato gems $5
  • Cup of soup with roll and butter: Chicken and Sweetcorn $5
  • Lunch pack (piece of fruit, yoghurt, mini cookie, raisins and Cheese Scone) $5

Friday 28 June

  • Macaroni and Cheese (Bacon) $5
  • Cup of soup with roll and butter: Kumera and Bacon $5
  • Lunch pack (piece of fruit, yoghurt, mini cookie, raisins and Savoury Pinwheel) $5

Friday 5 July

  • American Hotdog $5
  • Cup of soup with roll and butter: Veggie $5
  • Lunch pack (piece of fruit, yoghurt, mini cookie, raisins and Mini Bacon and Egg Puff $5

Congratulations To...

They've only been back at school two days and already they are being awesome! Congratulations to our Puketapu Superstars this week:

Kia Kaha - Do Your Best
  • Kasey Judd
  • Claire Asai
  • Nixon Gadsby
  • Indie Rose Smith

Our Roll is... 363

Welcome to Johnson Brown, Ariki Brown, Ella Gollan, Gabby Scarlett, Chloe Welbourn and Ryan Wharram who started at Puketapu this week.


Happy birthday to all those who have Birthdays this week:
  • Alex Morrison
  • Petra Keith
  • Maui Walker
  • Hanro Eksteen
  • Kallana Bradnock
  • Caylin Weideman

Cross Country... Term 3 not Term 2

You may have noticed in the last newsletter last term that Cross Country was in Week 4 of this term.

It is not until Week 4 of Term 3 so we still have plenty of time for fund raising and training.

Not before 8.30am please

While we love tamariki to be at school nice and early, please don't drop them off before 8.15am on Breakfast Club mornings (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) or 8.30am on Mondays and Fridays.

If you need to be at work before this time, please contact Cherish Childcare to talk about Before School Care options - 06 755 4405.

What's On: This week and next

Wednesday 1 May:

Year 7/8 netball team training with Netball Taranaki 2.00-3.00pm

Friday 3 May:

PB4L Showcase 9.15am

Wednesday 8 May:

Paid Union Meeting: School finishing early at 12.45pm

Year 7/8 netball team training with Netball Taranaki 2.00-3.00pm

Friday 10 May:

Year 5 & 6 Interschool Frankley - Home game

What's on: Rest of the Term

As we continue with our planning, more things will be added to our Calendar. Further information will come home regarding trips and outings.

Tuesday 14 May: Year 5 & 6 Rippa Rugby Tournament, Rimu Trip to Pukekura Park

Wednesday 15 May: Board of Trustees Meeting 6.30pm

Friday 17 May: Year 5 & 6 Interschool Waitara East TBC - Away Game

Monday 20 May: NYLD19 (Palmerston North)

Tuesday 21 May: NYLD19 (Palmerston North)

Wednesday 22 May: ZEAL Empowering Young Leaders Day (NP)

Friday 24 May: Last date for Board of Trustee nominations

Monday 27 May: 9:30-10:30 am Inglewood High School Principal (Rosie Mabin) and Student Leaders Visit to Puketapu Year 8s

Thursday 20 May: Home & School Quiz Night

Monday 3 June: QUEENS BIRTHDAY - No School

Friday 7 June: Board of Trustee Election Day

Monday 17 - Friday 21 June: Hockey coaching this week for Totara, Kowhai and Kauri More info to follow.

Wednesday 19 June: Board of Trustees Meeting (first for new Board)

Monday 24 - Friday 28 June:Hockey coaching this week for Totara, Kowhai and Kauri More info to follow

Friday 5 July - LAST DAY OF TERM 2

Community Notices

Hypnotist Andrew Newton is coming to town again on Saturday 18 May. Tickets are $20 each be a good night out with friends
Big picture

Have your say: Changes to SH3

NPDC and the NZ Transport Agency are seeking feedback on two road projects in our area:

  1. The realignment of Airport Drive.
  2. Improvements to SH3 between Bell Block and Waitara.

They would like to get feedback from as many locals as possible, especially those who live or work around these areas or drive through them, so please have your say and spread the word to everyone in the area.

NPDC and the NZ Transport Agency are working together on these projects, which together are aimed at increasing driver safety and future-proofing Airport Drive against much higher traffic flows in coming years.

More information and a feedback form are on NPDC’s website at newplymouthnz.com/HaveYourSay. Or come along to the New Connections Open Day anytime between 3pm and 7pm on Thursday 9 May at the Fred Tucker Memorial Centre in Bell Block, where there will be staff to answer any of your questions (as well as the chance to give your feedback).

The public consultation runs from 1 to 24 May.

New Plymouth Fire Station Open Day

International Firefighters' Day

Saturday 4 May 1pm-3.30pm @ 67 Liardet Street

All Welcome!

Activities on the day:

  • Kitchen fire demonstrator
  • Escape mu house virtual reality
  • Kids dress up uniform / stickers / balloons
  • Hose squirting for the kids
  • Have a look through the fire trucks
  • Recruitment Stand
  • Station tours