Mrs. Steffen's GATE Classes

September 2015

All GATE classes are now underway!

I am pleased to say that all GATE classes from grade 1 to grade 5 are now in full swing! I have loved every minute to getting to spend time again with previous students and am thoroughly enjoying getting to know my new students!

If your child is in grade 4 or 5, ask them about our Habit of Mind for the month - persistence!

Important September Dates:

September 14- Grandfriend's Day at Sharpsburg

September 15 - Wear blue and white to school

September 21-24 All grade 5 students take the OLSAT test, designed for placement into Magnet program in grade 6.

GATE Goings-ON


Students will begin a learning experience that asks them to comprehend Counting Crocodiles a book heavy in divergent thinking and questioning. They will not only identify the elements of the story (RL1.3), but will also devise a way to solve the math problem presented in the story and find multiples way to solve it involving addition and subtraction (1.OA.3 and 6).


Students will interact with the Junior Great Books story, "The Monster Who Grew Small". They will be taught the beginnings of Socratic circles to analyze the text, as well as to identify the central theme of the text through its details (RL.2). Students will also be asked to write a narrative about a different way the monster could have got what he wanted in the story, Tied to this will be a list of items that the monster could have purchased to help him and they must use their math strategies to add, subtract, and estimate within 1000 to help them problem solve. (NBT.A.3 and NBT.B.7


Students will be introduced to the concept of change and will identify generalizations of change. They will be given multiple tasks in which to practice identifying these generalizations. Their final assessment will be to read Cinderella and Caporushes , a Junior Great Books version of Cinderella, idenfying examples of the change theme. They then will pick a point of view from either story and write a narrative from that point of view explaining one of the change generalizations and its impact to the story


Students will continue to work on Sharpsburg Community maps that were started last year. Students have researched historical or important sites in our community, placed map markers into an online mapmaker website, and then added factual information about each marker. (SS 3.A.1.a-d). After we review our maps and research we will be continuing to get prepared for interviewing local community members so add videos to our interactive maps. (SL>4.1 and 4.2)


Students will evaluate Olive Garden's Never-Ending Pasta Pass deal by analyzing the deal, determining what resources are needed, performing problem-solving and math calculations 5.NF.B6 and B.7). In the end they will write business letters to the corporate headquarters of the company evaluating the deal and supporting a claim of whether or not their deal was beneficial for the company. (5.W.1 and 5.W.2)

Stacy Steffen

GATE pull out program Grade 1-5

Primary Talent Development Grade K-2