CSE Communicator

November 2022

Important Dates

Nov. 1 - Pizza w/ the Principals AR Reward

- American Indian Heritage Month

Nov. 4 - 2nd Grade Field Trip to Elsie Holmes Nature Park

Nov. 8 - Pictures w/ Santa

Nov. 11 Veterans Day (wear red, white, & blue)

Nov. 15 (Dr. Ben Carson) National Day of Reading - celebrated all week

Nov. 17 Thanksgiving Lunch (Guests of 1st, 3rd, & 5th graders invited)

Nov. 17 GA Milestones Night

Art Night

Nov. 21-25 Thanksgiving Break (no school)

Nov. 28 Return to school

CSE Student Leadership Team FT

Nov. 30 Progress Reports sent home

CSE Spirit Squad

We are thrilled to announce CSE's first Spirit Squad sponsored by Mrs. Collett, Ms. Elkins, & Mrs. Vesper.

Thank YOU for supporting them through Kona Ice and Candy Gram fundraisers!

The squad did a super job performing for our 1st 9 weeks Warrior Rally.

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PBIS Parent Corner

“ NO.”

I do not know about you, but when I am told "NO", it is not always something I want to hear. Often times, I have to process and accept the answer of no (unwilling sometimes, haha). This is a skill we have had to learn as adults; however, for some children, the concept of "not getting what they want, when they want it and how they want it" is a skill that is still being developed. Some children can be told “No” and move on with full acceptance of the answer. But what about the child that struggles when they are told “No?” According to research, learning to accept “No” is a skill that must be taught. Below is a list of ways to remain positive when telling your child “ No” without triggering a response that is negative from your child.

*Open the document below for "Alternative to no".


Food City & News 12 are pleased to honor educators in our area through the Golden Apple Award. This program recognizes the excellent work taking place in classrooms and acknowledges the critical role education plays in the future of our region and nation. To make a nomination for one of our well-deserving CSE teachers, please go to this website. https://www.wdef.com/golden-apple-nomination-form/

Bus Drivers Needed

CALL 706-965-2913 for information.

GA Milestones Night

Students/Parents/Guardians of 3rd, 4th , and 5th Grade

You are invited to attend Georgia Milestones night on November 17, 2022, at 6:00 pm.

The information available at this meeting will help you to understand what the Georgia Milestones test is about and will help you to prepare your child to take the test in April. This is a crucial time for students due to this test can determine academic placement. We look forward to seeing you there.

October Winning Tribe Reward = BOO Bash!

The KINDNESS tribe earned the most Warrior Bucks during the month of October and got to celebrate with a BOO Bash glow party reward.

Mrs. Cole's Library News

November is National Native American Heritage Month. In the library, we will read stories that celebrate and pay tribute to the histories and contributions of indigenous people.

Just a reminder: When students check out library books, they are allowed to keep them for 2 weeks at a time. After that, they must renew them or turn them in. We do not charge late fees for overdue books, but we do ask that you look for them and let Mrs. Cole know if you are unable to find them. The price to replace a lost book is listed on the overdue slip, but if you can find a hardback copy for less, please feel free to send it in as a replacement. Thanks so much!

1st 9 Weeks Warrior Kids!


Kamari Taylor

Winry Taylor

Coleman McConathy

Nailah Davis

Kayden Todd

1st Grade:

Elle Bohn

Abby McCormick

Lilly Potter

Grayson Chastain

Molly Shiveley

Nolan Mills

2nd Grade:

Hank O'Dell Stewart

Zoey Dye

Lincoln Brown

Abby West

Charlie Adams

3rd Grade:

Cade Anderson

Tegan Miller

Brooklyn Britton

Lynden Evett

Chanan Johnson

Emily Wooten

4th Grade:

Karlie Evitt

Brady Jetter

Emory Melhorn

Elijah Shull

Aubrey Snyder

Camden Hoskins

5th Grade:

AJ Lewis

Braylee Crawford

Braxton Anderson

Gemma Barbour

Camden Land

Hannah Warner

Nurse's Corner

With flu season upon us, it is important that we work together to keep our children healthy. Viruses spread easily among children in schools, and families with school-age children have more infections than others, with an average of one-third of these family members infected each year. By keeping our children flu-free, we benefit the community as a whole. You can help prevent the spread of flu or help your child get better if he/she does get sick by following a few simple steps:

· If possible, you and your child should get a flu shot

· Remind your child to cover his/her nose and mouth with a tissue when sneezing or coughing and dispose of the tissue immediately or cough into his/her sleeve

· Have your child wash his/her hands frequently with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds

· Disinfect frequently-touched surfaces and shared items at least once a day

· Ensure that bathrooms are stocked with soap, hand towels, and tissues

· Teach your child not to touch his/her mouth, nose, and eyes

· If your child is sick and has a fever, keep him/her at home until fever free for 24 hours without fever-reducing medications like Tylenol or Ibuprofen (Motrin) to prevent the spread of illness.

Common symptoms of flu include high fever, severe headache, muscle and body aches, exhaustion, and dry cough. Additionally, children often exhibit other flu symptoms that are rare in adults, such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

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Exciting news! Our school is participating in Kinsa’s FLUency™ school health program. I have a free smart thermometer for any family that would like one. Please send all thermometer requests by email to mbrown@catoosa.k12.ga.us. Make sure to include your student's name, grade, and teacher's name.

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On-line Payment System

You now have the option to pay school fees, field trips, t-shirts, etc. online using a credit or debit card through Infinite Campus Parent Portal. If you do not have a Parent Portal account or if you have forgotten your login information, contact Karen Hancock at 706-866-6640 or khancock.cse@catoosa.k12.ga.us

This is not for ASP or Cafeteria payments.

Once your account is set up, instructions will be emailed to you.

CSE students owe $1500 in Lunch Charges / Free and Reduced Price Meals Statement

The USDA implemented valuable waivers for school systems across the country in the fall of 2020. These waivers allowed students to eat school meals every day, at no cost. Thanks to these timely waivers, school systems were able to ensure students of all ages were able to maintain nutrition during the pandemic. In addition, the waivers allowed school systems to receive valuable reimbursements to offset rising food costs experienced within the last two years. The free meal allowances have been extremely helpful to families and school systems alike.

These unprecedented waivers will expire on June 30th. As waivers expire, many students and their families may be surprised to learn this valuable meal resource will end. This means students and their families will once again be charged for school meals for the 2022-2023 school year.

As in years prior to the pandemic, families may apply for free or reduced price meals, based on eligibility. Interested families may apply starting on July 1. Many local systems, including Bradley, Catoosa, Hamilton, Walker and Whitfield counties are trying to get the word out to students and their families. If a family feels they would qualify for free or reduced priced meals they may apply at lunchapplication.com, starting on July 1, 2022 for the upcoming school year.

Catoosa County Schools Nutrition Department

Please click here to watch a video tutorial about how to apply for meals

Lunch Reservation System

Click this link to make lunch reservations with your child.


Birthday Cupcakes (treats)

A generous partner donates cupcakes for the students who celebrate birthdays each month, and a special celebration is held in the cafeteria. We ask that you do not send additional birthday treats as the state of Georgia limits the amount of non-nutritious snacks students can consume while in school.


News from Parent & Family Engagement

November is National Parent Engagement Month! As a District, we want to

Celebrate our parents during the month of November for Parent Engagement

Month. Parents are the first educators and therefore determine the level of

achievement of their child. We encourage our parents to take the PLEDGE and commit to

learning new strategies, sharing the talents of their families and those in the community, and

getting connected with their school. November is celebrated as Parent Engagement Month to

recognize the contributions of parents across the nation and to encourage schools to raise

awareness of the important roles parents play in their child’s education. Parent Engagement

Month highlights the many opportunities available for educators, families, students, and

community members to engage in partnerships with the goal of improving student achievement.

Parents, we value your input. If you have any suggestions or comments on School Improvement,

Budget, or Policies (county or school) contact Kathy Honeycutt, Parent Involvement Coordinator

at 706-866-6640, or email khoneycutt.cse@catoosa.k12.ga.us. If you would like to schedule a

conference with your child's teacher, please reach out to them on Remind or by email. Parents

have the right to request meetings or conferences at any time during the school year.

Check out the CSE Website for information regarding our Title I Meetings.

PTO Parent Teacher Organization

Be looking for information regarding SPIRIT WEAR coming home soon. Money is due when order forms are turned in.

The Cookie Dough Fundraiser was a success. We reached our goal of

selling $10,000.00 worth. Thank you to everyone who participated

and made this happen. We appreciate you!

PTO’s next event coming up is the Santa Shop. December 5th through

December 9th . Students will get to shop for their families during

their scheduled time. (More info to come home at a later date)

Santa Shop could use some elves to help out during open hours. If you

are available to help, please contact Kathy Honeycutt, Parent Involvement

Coordinator, 706-866-6640 or email khoneycutt.cse@catoosa.k12.ga.us

(More info to come)

Join CSE in earning cash for our school by using the Box Tops app. It’s an easy way to

make a difference. All you have to do is buy Box Tops participating products (like

Cheerios!) and scan your grocery receipt. Box Tops are worth $.10 each and they add

up fast! Twice a year, our school receives a check to help pay for whatever we need

including equipment, supplies, or experiences the kids love! Download the Box Tops for

Education app here:



The Fall Carnival turned out awesome and everyone who attended

seemed to have a great time. We appreciate your support and


Principal & Assistant Principal of the Day

Shout out to Elle Bohn and Mason Long for a great job leading CSE on 10/26. These students were the highest bidders for this role during the Fall Carnival auction.

Publix Partners-Support CSE every time you shop!

Please sign up at http://www.publix.com/partners, click locate a school then enter Cloud Springs Elementary School. When you checkout enter your phone number and they will give back to CSE!


We will reward and recognize students with excellent attendance this year!

The following people had *PERFECT Attendance in October

(PERFECT means no tardies, no early dismissals, no absences)


Moana Abraham

Lilly Butler

Isabella Cooper

Alex Esteban Aguirre

Mason Jones

Nova McMillan

Bryan Moya Chavez

Kamari Taylor

Kayden Todd

Sylvie Whitworth

Chance Wilson

Matthew Wilson


Grayson Chastain

Swayzee Cronnon

Jer'Kes Davenport-Brown

Piper Hill

Lynnelle Immanuel

Zofie Koller

Pella Lacher

Nolan Mills

Erika Phillips

Skylar Pitman

Lilly Potter

Ava Sharpe

Molly Shiveley

Ridge Wilson


Isaiah Barra

Jason Browning

Grayson Bruce

Jayden Grier

Elva Gullion

Kolbe McCloud

Savannah McNabb

Cooper Mizell

Hank O'Dell-Stewart

Kash Parker

Aria Rizzo

Valerie Seiffert

Ethan Smith

Hannah West


Nevaeh Boynton

Lynden Evett

Allysyn Evitt

Natalie McClung

J'Arri McMath

Tegan Miller

Connor Mizell

Riana Patel

Cayden Revis

Charleigh Richardson

Brayden Smith


Terreance Beene

Destiny Boynton

Saige Cronnon

Phoenix Downs

Karlie Evitt

Nate Gearhart Bryson

Brinnleigh Graham

Allen Hill

Brady Jetter

Kensley McClung

Emory Melhorn

Jace Root

Devin Seiffert

Madison Shelton

Landon Smith

Issiah Taylor

Matthew West

Jazmin Wilson

Mason Wilson


Gemma Barbour

Aria Black

Landon Brown

Leah Butler

Sydney Dorsey

Troy Ehpel

Kaylee Griffin

Camden Land

Adelynn Mathews

David Neill

Jace Richardson

Hannah Warner


Suzette Carter

Savannah Goldsmith

Christin Vesper

Amanda Coffman

Tammie Metcalf

Becky Young

Leslie Gilbert

Christina Eason

Nicole Perry

Chris Kernea

Tony Autry

Ansley Brock

Cyndi Cisneros

Jane Anne Cole

Rhonda Duncan

Michelle Hope

Sarah Kubler

Courtney O'Brien

Angie Owens

Kristen Rose

Gretchen Shiveley

Erin Swinney

Shelia VandeLune

Shannon Asher

Kim Davis

Cindy Payne

Suzanne Brown

Kim Parker

Lauren Clowers

Suzette Linfonte

Kathy Honeycutt

Marianna Brown

Jennifer Hoffman

Tyler Smith

Jeanie Grider

Sandra Howington