DJ Chagnon

Sparta Facts

  • Men start to go to war at the age of 7
  • Men get out of the war at age 30 but still able to be put back in the war in tell 70
  • Women had a lot more freedom in Sparta than Athens
  • Women were able to own more land and in Athens women had no rights
  • The men would rather die then surrender and most me didn't go back the there familys
  • Sparta was found by the Dorians in the north east side of Greece
  • Spartan girls were trained to do sports because they had more rights
  • Athens and Sparta had a really strong government

things about Sparta

The boys in Sparta went to go train at the age of 7 then they trained in tell the age of 30 the they went in to the army and they would fight in tell the age of 60 and at 60 you could still be called back to the war if needed.

most of the people in the army rather die that to surrender in the army.

DJ Chagnon