By: Michael Plano

Latvia Flag

Latvia's flag was made official on February 27, 1990 A Medeval style flag with a red standard flag and a smaller white stripe in the middle going horizontal. The red color is representing their hurt leader and the white is representing the cloth used to wrap his wounds.

History and Government Type

Latvia was part of the Soviet Union (Russia). It officially became a country on November 18, 1918 when they were freed from the Soviet Union. They formed a Pariamentary Democracy. A Pariamentary Democracy is where citizens have power. They vote on representatives and then they make the laws based on what the citizens want


The Latvian currency was the lat until January 1, 2014 when they adopted the EURO

Tourism of Latvia

Visitors come to Latvia to see its War Museum, Rundāle Place, Turaida Castle, etc.

Where Latvia is located and it's s geography

Latvia is located at 57*N and 25*E. It boarders Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, and Russia. It has coastline to the Baltic Sea. The Daugava, Lielupe, and Gauja Rivers run through it. Over 90% of the country is below 200 meters in elevation.