how could you not believe in ghost

The Crescents hotel

Many people dont believe in ghost but I do. People all around the world in hotels and houses and other scary like this one.. A student stayed at this hotel. She was standing on the deck and then she fell was she pushed or she gust fell no one knows.


A woman was about to get married. She was going down stairs to the ball room. She was dressed in a white grown, but something went wrong. The stirs were made form glowing lighting candles. According to stories her dress caught on fire

Del Coronado

Kate Morgan was killed at this hotel

The next day she was so post to meet her husband, but someone shot her in the head five times on Mach 21 1892 on her birthday. The next day he went to sleep in room 120 were Kate Morgan died, at night he hears her yell him name.


Not all hotels are fun like these. These hotels are so scary and how could you not believe