By: Megan, Taylor, Stephanie

Indain Reorganization Act

The Indian Reorganization Act moved official policy away from assimilation and toward Native American autonomy. It signaled a change in federal policy. The government was reeling from Great Depression, it wanted to stop subsidizing the Native Americans.

The Inner Cities

In the inner cities, poverty grew rapidly in the decaying inner cities and many Americans didn't know. Each year, federal government calculates the minimum amount of income needed to survive poverty line. In 1959, poverty line for a family was $2,973 and in 2000 the poverty went up to $17,601.

Indian Reorganization Act

Inner Cities


The inner cities were located in the inner cities of the United States, which was during the 1959-2000.

Cause and Outcome/Importance:

People wanted to live in the inner cities because it was convenient and everything was close in town . And many people lived in poverty so they couldn't afford to do anything. It was to the people living in the inner cities. Some people refused to believe that poverty could exist in the richest most powerful nation on earth.