The Amazing Sponge

Joey Del Grande


Wow! Did you know the sponge moves 1 mm or less a day. It is true that they move that little each day. Also, the sponge can get lifted up off the ground and move with the current. The sponge reproduces in an interesting way, has a unique appearance and loves to eat tiny animals.


In conclusion, the sponge reproduces by shooting sperm and then waiting for it to reach another sponge, they can be as tiny as 2mm or almost as long as 2 meters and it eats small animals in the water. The sponge looks like a simple organism but is really complex. Maybe the next time you see a sponge you will look at it differently.

Think Tank

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Go Fish

In the go fish actively I bought a 20 gallon fish tank with accessories. the fish we bought were 1 cat fish, turquoises rainbow fish, sword tale fish, female half moon bate, and star fire red tetra. In all I spent $247.60 on all the things I bought. I really like this activity I think the teachers should keep doing this activity.

Sea Sponge Video

Sea Sponges Under The Sea