By Brithani Rodriguez Written By Tony Abott Skinner Block 4

Quick Summary

From this moment in life is never quite the same for Toms year in 7th grade.New girl comes into ST. Catherines school her name is Jessica she is different from all the other kids in her class. Kids in her class learned about her of how she had this condition where she was burned. She is one of a kind and a very special girl but people in her class talk bad about her of the horrifying way she looked and how badly burned she was. While being at ST.Catherines she has being treated with medical treatments at a hospital.


The setting is at ST Catherines Catholic school. This is where most of the events occurred at most times. This setting had to do a lot with the characters in the story. This is where Jessica came to school while being treated at a hospital near there. It also happened to be where people talked behind her back of the horrifying way she looked. There was different interactions between the setting and the characters. This setting mostly affected Jessica because she was really the one mostly affected because of the school and all the kids that made fun of her behind her back.


This is a symbol that really doesn't represent an object but it is a word that makes it a symbol. This symbol is friendship it really was important in the story. This represented the friendship of Jessica and Tom. This also represented through out the book the theme of the story.In addition to this symbol friendship was the way to actually solve the problem of this story.


Don't judge people based on their look. This theme is showing that there is inspiration, compassion, and friendship. By this I learned that nobody should be treated differently. Jessica the character in Firegirl had inspiration once she got to meet someone that actually cared for her and that was actually standing up for her not really caring what other people told him or her. Which from that comes friendship and compassion to this moral of the story.

Book Recommendation

I would really recommend for you to read this book. This book is not that long but it is very detailed. The events were really well described and told. Once you start reading it you'll learn a lot about it and maybe you'll might even like it. If you ever have time check it out and read it. What I really liked about this book was every detailed paragraph made you want to read more of it. That is why i would recommend for you to read this book.