Leo Fender's Impact On The World

An Idea Turned Into A Legacy

Leo Fender

Clarence Leonidas "Leo" Fender was born August 10, 1909 in Fullerton,CA. He spent most of his childhood in his Uncle's shop, where he was fascinated at what his Uncle can make out of scratch (Ex:Radios).

The Early Years Of Fender

During The Great Depression (1938), after losing several accounting jobs in San Louis Obisbo, Leo Fender moved back to Fullerton with his wife and he borrowed $600 to start the first companies he would found. Fender Radio Service. The company specialized in P.A. Systems, Amps, and Steel Guitars.

The First Amps Made By Fender

Before The Creations

The First Three Guitars Leo Fender Has Made

The Impact He Has Made

The thing about Leo Fender, is that he never stopped innovating. And that's what Fender has been about for many years. The instruments that he made show emotion and personality. In a way, a Fender Stratocaster,Telecaster, Jazz Bass, Jaguar, and Precision Bass, can help bring out your personality. Leo Fender continued creating guitars until his death on March 21, 1991. Even after his death, his legacy continued into more guitars and amps.

Interesting Facts

1.The Telecaster had two other names before "Telecaster". First was the "Esquire", then the "Broadcaster".

2.In 1995, Keith Richard asked Fender Custom Shop to build him a guitar that he could use to tour with The Rolling Stones. When he received it, he complained about it be too "Shiny" and "New". So he said "Bash 'em up a bit!", and The Fender Relic Series was born.


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