Between the Lions

The Wright Junior High Weekly Newsletter

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Our Wright JH Admin Team

Creighton Jaster - Principal

Sherryl Anthony - Assistant Principal - Alpha A-L 832-223-6010

Shane Ameen- Assistant Principal - Alpha M-Z 832-223-6012

Tiffany Hoelzel - Assistant Principal - 6th Grade 832-223-6009

Our Wright JH Counselor Team

Amanda Breeding - Alpha A-L - 832-223-6016

Jennifer Mitchell - Alpha M-Z 832-223-6017

Angela Criswell - 6th Grade - 832-223-6018

WEEK OF April 25th - 29th


  • Front doors will open at 7:30am. First bell rings at 8:15am. when students arrive on campus, they will go to the Gym, until they are released to class.
  • Students who arrive after the 8:15am bell, will receive a Tardy. Unless they have arrived to school on a late bus.
  • Going the EXTRA mile
  • Willy Wonka Musical
  • Order your 2021-2022 Wright JH Yearbook
  • REMINDER: We are a cell phone free campus. Please leave devices at home or powered off in student backpacks.
  • TARDIES have started, please talk with your student about getting to class on time.
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WJH Choir takes TOP Honors!!!

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Wright JH Choir earned STRAIGHT 1s at contest! We couldn’t be more proud of you choir kids! Great job to Mr. Williams and our kiddos!!

Dingers with Dads - April 29th - RSVP extended until April 26th. Money MUST be turned in by Wednesday, March 27th by 4PM.

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Attention Current 8th students who like to dance....

If you missed the first opportunity to tryout for the Randle HS Royals, you have a second chance. There will be a mandatory Zoom meeting on Thursday April 28 at 7:30pm. If you are interested, please email Coach O’Haver at for the link.

LCISD End of Year Toiletry Drive

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Randle Royal's Torchy's Spirit Day

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2022-23 WJH Athletics Parent Meeting - April 26th (6th and 7th Grade ONLY)

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Stage Wright Theatre presents Willy Wonka!!!

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Money for Dingers with Dads can be dropped off in the front office by Tuesday, April 26th. Checks or Cash are accepted, please put it in a sealed envelope with your child's name and student ID. So glad you are joining us!!!

Athletic Physicals Day - May 12th

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2022-23 Pre-K & Kinder Registration

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STAAR Testing Dates

IF your child is taking a PAPER test that was decided as part of a Admission, Review, and Dismissal meeting under the Special Education or 504 umbrellas, their dates will be as follows:

Algebra EOC Paper - May 3rd

8th Grade Science Paper - May 5th

8th Grade History Paper - May 6th

8th Grade Math Paper - May 10th

8th Grade Reading Paper - May 11th

7th Grade Math Paper - May 10th

7th Grade Reading Paper - May 11th

6th Grade Math Paper - May 10th

6th Grade Reading Paper - May 11th

All other students will take STAAR using the online portal.

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George Ranch HOSA Medical Camp - June 1st & 2nd

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LCISD STEAM Language Academy

We are pleased to announce we are now accepting students for our Summer STEAM Language Academy. We are looking for currently served Emergent Bilinguals in the ESL Program (English as a Second Language) in grades 6-10. This is a great opportunity for Emergent Bilinguals/English Learners to take on new challenges and continue language development as they explore the world of STEAM. Students will have the opportunity to participate in one or both weeklong engineering projects that we have designed for them.
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Look for Wright Junior High under "Shop my School"

Have questions about yearbooks, email Lauren Pack at

Wright JH Lion Gear

Looking for some awesome Lion Gear:

Fall GEAR IS ON ITS WAY!!! Check periodically! Hoodies, long sleeves, so much more!!

Who is going the EXTRA mile for you?

Who is going the extra mile for you?

•Think for a moment about the amazing staff at Wright. Who is working hard for students? Nominate a teacher or staff member that you would like to recognize for their hard work in the classroom or campus?

Each week the results will be gathered. They will then be shared with staff members during Monday Motivators and posted on Facebook.

❤Thanks for sharing the love ❤

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Lion Tennis - Open Courts - Monday and Wednesdays - 4:00-5:00PM

If you are a 7th or 8th grader and are interested in playing tennis this year, open courts will start next week Monday the 24th afterschool. Open courts will be held on Monday and Wednesdays from 4pm-5pm until tryouts occur. You must have a racquet and Rank One information completed along with a physical on file. For more information email Coach Muniz, Coach Escobar, or Coach Robertson.

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Concerns about Athletics?

In order to follow campus policy, if you have a concern due to an athletic issue or coach, the following is the steps to be taken to find resolution:

1) Address the situation with the coach via email or a conference on a separate day of a sporting event.

2) If resolution is not met, contact James Williams, Wright Junior High Athletic Campus Coordinator at

3) If resolution is not met, contact your child's Assistant Principal. Sherryl Anthony, Alpha A - L, or Shane Ameen, Alpha M - Z.

4) If resolution is not met, contact Mr. Jaster at to set up a meeting.

Addressing concerns at Wright Junior High - Start by contacting your child's teacher directly!!

Lions, we know that from time to time there will be conflicts and concerns that you need to address with the campus. The first step to any concern within the classroom is to contact the teacher directly and set up time to discuss. Administrators will ask you if you have talked to the teacher first and allow them the opportunity to discuss concerns first. IF resolution is not made at the teacher level, please then contact your grade level or alpha split Assistant Principal. At WJH, we ask that you start with the Assistant Principal assigned to your student first. They will conduct investigations, find you the answer you may need and address all concerns. If you are not satisfied with the results, Mr. Jaster will gladly assist.

For 6th Grade concerns: please email or call Tiffany Hoelzel at or call at 832-223-6009

For 7th/8th Grade concerns Alpha A-L: please email or call Sherryl Anthony at or call at 832-223-6010

For 7th/8th Grade concerns Alpha M-Z: please email or call Shane Ameen at or call at 832-223-6012

Need Assistance with Athletics:

Coach JD Williams - Boys Athletics -

Coach Dee McNeal - Girls Athletics -

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What do I do if my student tests positive for COVID? See the campus protocol below for how you need to report in order for us to ensure that minimal disruption will happen to your student's schedule. You can help us help you by closely following these steps!

Procedures and Make Up Work Policy

If your student test positive for COVID-19 please follow the steps below ASAP to notify the campus and we will be getting back with you within a day with the next steps to keep your student as connected to learning during this temporary quarantine period.

*Students who are positive, will be asked to quarantine for 10 days. Students will follow the Student Handbook policy on make up work. We do ask that you email your student's teachers to inform them as well as ask them for any work they can provide prior to them returning. If not, all students will be caught up upon returning to school.


  1. WJH Nurse - Jessica Barber-Gonzalez
  2. WJH Attendance - Ceciley Ortiz
  3. WJH Principal - Creighton Jaster

In the email please include:

  1. Student Name
  2. Grade Level
  3. Student ID
  4. Date of Confirmed POSITIVE

COVID Notification Emails:

WJH will continue to follow LCISD COVID Protocols by pushing out the email notifications that you are currently receiving when a positive and/or close contact case is reported by a parent. Please understand that we cannot reveal a student's identity, nor specific class, due to confidentiality. We are not contract tracing this year, so there is no quarantining. I will say, that many of these cases we are reporting are from parents doing their due diligence of reporting when their student was exposed or tested positive outside of the school. Many of these students did not even report back to campus. We appreciate these parents helping us stay as safe as possible at school. Please note, that if your child shares multiple classes with a certain student, you may receive MULITIPLE emails.


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Accessing Student Portfolios for Progress Reports and Report Cards - Click Below!

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We need your help and support. We are experiencing incidents on campus in which students are trying to resolve their conflicts by using physical means to handle things. WJH does NOT condone students solving any issues by fighting or engaging in physical confrontation. We need you to talk with your children and help work through any issues they are experiencing and how to handle it on campus.

LCISD policy states that any student engaged in mutual combat, regardless of who throws the first punch, results in a MUTUAL fight. Therefore, both students will receive campus consequences of 3 days of Out of School Suspension. If a student engages in a 2nd incident for fighting or physical confrontation, they will receive a 45 day ALC placement.

We need your help to make sure that incidents like these don't happen on our campus and that they understand the results of their actions. It takes all of us, working together, to ensure that EVERYONE gets the best experience at Wright Junior High.

If your student needs additional support, they can visit with their Counselor or Assistant Principal.

Does your student need tutorials?

If your student is needing additional support, please check out the WJH tutorial schedule at the bottom of this newsletter. In addition, all students MUST ask their teacher for a tutorial pass prior to the day they will be attending.

For more questions about tutorials, please email your student's teacher directly.

Need a school locker???

If your student would like a locker, please email Monica Martinez at She will assist your child in getting a locker. Please NOTE, we have limited number of lockers and students have limited time between classes to get to class.

Smart Tags on the WAY!!!

LCISD Transportation is currently printing all new Smart Tags for all LCISD students. As they print them, they are delivering them to campuses and we are distributing them as quickly as we get them. Please do us a favor, remind your student that IF they have theirs, please have it on them at ALL times. The LCISD Smart Tag works for during lunch and loading on the bus. Please make sure that the current Smart Tag you have is not hole punched as it will deactivate the tag.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict will arise from time to time during the day at school. Most of the time, the end result of conflict can be avoided without things getting physical. At Wright Junior High, we DO NOT condone any PHYSICAL means to solving our problems with others. As a reminder, any student that engages in a PHYSICAL confrontation (fight) will result in a 3 day Out of School suspension on the first offense. If a second offense occurs, the student may receive up to a 45 day Alternative Learning Center placement.

If your student needs help, find one of the following staff members:

1) Administrator

2) Counselor

3) Teacher

4) Coach

5) Librarian

6) Other staff member

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  • School Hours: 8:15am to 3:40pm.
    • For those who require early arrival, the building opens at 7:30am.
    • You may enter via the main front door and proceed to the cafeteria or gyms
    • Lunches from Home: For those students bringing a lunch from home, please be aware that, per district sanitation guidelines, microwaves will not be available for student use.
    • Lunch Deliveries: Wright does not accept 3rd party lunch delivers for students. No DoorDash, UberEats. GrubHub or any other type of pizza or food delivery. Only family members can deliver lunch to their student. Lunches are left at the front office with the student's name and grade. Please do not deliver fountain drinks, bottled drinks only.
    • Tardies: It is important that all students get to class as quickly as possible and are in class when the tardy bell rings. Students should listen for the warning bell and get to class promptly. All students must be in the room before the tardy bell rings.

    Wright JH Tutorial Schedule

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    Wright JH Bell Schedule

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    • Wright JH sends weekly newsletters in a Skylert blast (email listed in your Skyward account).
    • Monitor our Facebook page for daily updates.


    Skylert information is updated via Skyward Family Access (from a website - not the app)

    • Click on Skylert, on the left side of screen
    • The phone number and email address (where the arrows are indicating) must be correct
    • Each box that is circled must be checked.
    • You may have up to 2 emails who receives emailed notices and newsletters from Wright
    • Up to 4 numbers who receive texts and/or calls from Wright
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    LCISD Progress and Report Card Deadlines

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    Student Insurance

    Parents/Families have the option to purchase additional student accident insurance for anything that happens on school property.
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