Slice of the Pi

October Edition

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One Number Corner Down, Nine To Go!

Happy October! I am so blown away by what I have seen happening across all grades and schools- THANK YOU for letting me be a part of your magic!

As testing out and adjusting tech, locating and creating virtual math manipulatives and thinking spaces, and navigating the Bridges website are becoming more natural to all of us, my work has started to shift towards instructional practices. Some of my most recent and favorite collaborations have been:

  • Creating teacher observation guides for the Mathematical Practice Standards
  • Considering how to provide learning opportunities at various levels
  • Unit planning to focus on big ideas and critical content
  • Analyzing student work
  • Brainstorming about quality and quantity of homework
  • Coplanning/teaching classroom routines that promote problem solving -sample
  • Engaging distance learners -possible idea we are trying out here
  • Testing out the TEAs from Bridges- sample here

Looking for a thought partner in any of these? Reach out to schedule a time (wrap, prep, lunch, early release) to meet!

To Share or Not To Share, That is the Question!

If you are looking to share a link with students and families from the Bridges site you need to consider if it is password protected or for the public. A tip... is a NO SHARE is a NO SHARE SHARE SHARE SHARE

If it says bridges at the start of the link it will NOT work- otherwise you should be good to go!

CHANGES to Bridges 2020-2021

I've had some continued questions about the best places to access the adjusted scope and sequence. Reminder, there is a year overview and also a breakdown for each unit. Teaching is both an art and a science- as always- feel empowered to teach to the kids in front of you over following the lessons/pacing right from the page.

Reminder that we are using the NEW Bridges Unit Screeners- which can be found under the Unit tab in the 20-21 Guidance Section linked below. If you were using pre assessments, the screener will be used instead.

The screeners are brief diagnostic assessments that can help us determine where students may need reengagement with previous grade level content to be successful in the current unit. The Screener Implementation Guide has very helpful ideas, and hyperlinks, to differentiate based on student performance on the screener.

Post assessments will still be used(and sent home to families), although if you are in a unit where modules were skipped, there are suggestions for how to modify the post to reflect your instructional changes.

I'm happy to help you continue to explore these resources!

Below are the slides from our PD and a link to the Bridges site with your grade level specific changes.

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Dear Family,

Jeromy, the media specialists, colleagues, and "Just Google It" all have tons of helpful tips, videos, tutorials, etc. for Google Suite. Jay Perez (5-8 math coach) and I also put one together for basic "How to Google Meet". This has been shared with your distance learners in a newsletter. If you want to place it in your Classroom under Resources it could be a first stop for families and students who are joining for the day/short term due to caution or unexpected quarantine.

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