Liberty or Death

By: Patriot Supporters (Hanna Lewis 2 Blue)

Why should you join our cause?

We came to this land and settled in these colonies in order to evade persecution from the British government. Why should we tolerate the hostility of the British government now? It is time that we come together and stand up to Great Britain and preposterous demands of the British government.

The British Parliament has continuously taxed our colonies in order to make a revenue for themselves. The Stamp Act requires a tax stamp of all printed items, the Townshend Act imposes duties on colonial imports of paper, paint, glass, and tea, and the Tea Act provides financial relief for the East India Company. What do all of these Acts have in common? They use colonists' money to make a revenue for Britain that won't even support our colonies in the end.

During the devastating events of the Boston Massacre, a group of nine British redcoats fired into a crowd and killed five townspeople. If the British Parliament hadn't stationed soldiers in towns in the colonies, our people wouldn't have died. The British government is using their power and soldiers to force us to pay for their income, and it is crucial that we do something about it; otherwise, we will end up losing all of our freedoms to Britain.

We have tried to compromise with the British Parliament with the First Continental Congress, but they have persistently rejected our ideas. Now, it is time that we retaliate and fight for our rights. "Give me liberty, or give me death!"