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Using Technology at WGMS

We all have our ups and downs when using technology with our students. Always know, support is near and you are never alone!

Technology Application TEKS

The core subject areas in grades K-8 include the "new" (as of 2012-13) Tech Apps TEKS.

Teachers need to write applicable Tech App TEKS into their lesson plans in Forethought/Eduphoria, implementing the Tech App TEKS through their ongoing lesson designs.

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MISD Technology Department Help Desk

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TEA Mandated Texas STAR Chart

Every year teachers complete the School Technology and Readiness (STaR Chart) assessment...developed around the four key areas of....(1) Teaching and Learning; (2) Educator Preparation and Development; (3) Leadership, Administration and Instructional Support; and (4) Infrastructure for Technology. The 2014-15 STaR Chart Assessment will be this fall on a date to be determined.

  • 21 hours of technology training required for the 2014-15 school year (one of Mr. Blackwell's non-negotiables)
  • All teachers earn technology hours through collaboration with Melissa Bartlett, Terri Blank, Nathan Garvin,and other technology events.
  • Atomic Learning is a great tool for earning technology credit from home.
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WGMS Library Website

Check out my Website, which I will be using with each of you and your students as you plan lessons with me during the year. It's a great place to house resources and show off student achievements! Find the address in the signature line of each of my emails.